Wardrobe Purgatory: Where to Store Your Worn (But Not Dirty) Clothes

published Oct 28, 2015
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My messiest spot is most definitely the closet. Because laundry is the bane of my existence, I try to get as many wears as I can out of things like jeans and sweaters (a.k.a. the entirety of my fall/winter wardrobe) before they have to be washed and put back away with the clean clothes on the shelves.

The jeans and sweaters inevitably end up resting in piles on the furniture around the closet and bedroom. Unsightly, to be sure. So I’m looking at two big solutions in the near future: One, a major closet cure where I purge a lot of the things that never get worn. And two, a solution dedicated to the clothing purgatory part of my wardrobe. It’s not going away anytime soon.

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5 Ways to Handle Not-Dirty, Not-Clean Clothes

If, like me and most everyone else I’m guessing, you have trouble figuring out what to do with your in-between clothes, here are a handful of solutions you can make work for you at home.

Wall Hooks

Stash garments on hangers, or drape less fragile clothes right over the hooks like towels. A wall-mounted coat rack can stash a lot of pre-worn garments in a relatively small spot.

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An Over-the-Door Hook

The same as wall hooks, but this is an easy and cheap fix for renters or anybody who needs another hole in the wall like they need a hole in the head. As a bonus, over-the-door hooks are pretty much hidden if you hang them from the back of the door and leave the door open.

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A Garment Rack

The epitome of “photo shoot chic,” keep a rolling garment rack around the closet or in the bedroom to hang up worn clothes and oft-used accessories.

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A Valet Stand

It’s not just for suits anymore. You can stash an outfit or two here for temporary keeping while you decide what needs a wash.

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Back in the Closet

You can dedicate a specific shelf or section for your clothing purgatory–or not. Anything you’ve deemed clean enough to be put back on your body is certainly clean enough to stay in the closet.