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Watch: These ‘Work from Hybrid’ Tools Boost Productivity at Your Home and the Office

published Dec 10, 2021
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Credit: Photo: Henry Ceiro; Stylist: Erik Staalberg

Splitting time between your home office and your office office isn’t something everyone succeeds at right away — there is definitely some adjusting to do. Getting into a different headspace (and wardrobe) when you’re seeing co-workers in person is one thing, but making sure you have everything you need to work in both spaces can quickly make hybrid working a burden.

Francesca McCaffery has had a “work from hybrid” schedule for a while now, and she was looking for tools and home furnishings to help her focus better on all her jobs. In addition to working at two non-profits that serve homeless youth in Los Angeles, she hosts a home wellness podcast and is writing novel. Busy busy!

As the demands of Francesca’s jobs and creative endeavors ramped up, she wanted to make her days in the office more convenient and her days at home more productive. With advice and recommendations from the workplace experts at Staples Connect™ (Staples Stores’ new center for home and office essentials), Francesca found the perfect upgrades to make her basic setup totally professional.

Need some inspo of your own? See what Francesca uses to support her “work from hybrid” schedule and get work done at home, the office, or wherever she needs to! 

Credit: Photo: Henry Ceiro; Stylist: Erik Staalberg

An environment to inspire focus 

Staying motivated at work isn’t just about sheer willpower. A functional office — with an easy-to-read wall clock — plays just as big of a role in day-to-day productivity. “A beautiful work environment makes your work day, and every day, so much easier and more productive,” Francesca says. To keep her from hunching over her desk, she swapped in a more comfortable, ergonomic chair. (Bonus: The clean, modern look makes it more enjoyable to sit down and work.) She added a patterned mat beneath to protect her hardwood floors.

Francesca’s home office gets pretty good natural light, but since she works into the evening sometimes, she wanted another lighting option. She opted for an adjustable lamp with energy-efficient LED (no more flickering bulbs!) that shines right over her desk. And when she really wants to achieve a flow state, she can block out distractions with her noise-cancelling headphones.

Credit: Photo: Henry Ceiro; Stylist: Erik Staalberg

Organizers that help with productivity

Clutter can be a huge barrier to getting anything done. Who has time to scrounge around for what they need when they’re on the clock? To keep her office supplies and hobby gear tidy, Francesca put together a matching desk, cabinet, and bookshelf, all with plenty of easy-to-access storage space. Plus, they serve as a neutral backdrop for her chic gold stapler, organizer, folders, and catchall tray. She also grabbed a gold framed magnetic dry erase calendar to keep her ideas and to-do list organized and accessible.

“You have to love the space you work in, in order to be fully productive,” Francesca says. “I feel more on top of my schedule and even much more confidence when staying calm under pressure, whether that be for a Zoom presentation or an in-person event with funders. These products also help with the seamless switch from working from home and going to an office. When you are organized beautifully, you really do feel like you can take on the world.”

Credit: Photo: Henry Ceiro; Stylist: Erik Staalberg

Portability maximizes flexibility

Because Francesca doesn’t have a designated desk at her non-profit offices, she has to make sure she packs everything she needs — no forgetting a charging cable! — when she heads out the door. Her mobile workstation (available in your local Staples Connect) has places for every electronic essential and lets her set up her own mini cubicle for added privacy at the office or a coffee shop. Her high-definition microphone and compact keyboard both fold up easily, so she can spend the afternoon recording her podcast, working on her novel, or responding to emails wherever she lands.

Credit: Photo: Henry Ceiro; Stylist: Erik Staalberg

Mindfulness is your greatest asset

Juggling her work and hobbies can be stressful, so Francesca has developed a fews simple ways to stay grounded. Every morning she does a mini meditation with positive affirmations, and in the afternoon she walks around her neighborhood to relax. She keeps her reusable water bottle within arm’s reach (and full of her favorite drink, iced tea) so she can stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.

“The main challenge is being able to make the separation from work and personal life really front and center,” Francesca says. “Separating work items from personal items, keeping everything individualized and in place, it can be challenging. These products let me have the best of both worlds. They make my hybrid work schedule seamless, and dare I say, pleasurable and fun.”

Whether you’re working totally from home or starting to go back to the office, Staples Connect has the best advice and products to support your schedule, whatever it looks like.