If You Hate Assembling Furniture as Much as I Do, You’ll Love This Stylish Magnetic End Table That Comes Together in 1 Minute

published Nov 11, 2021
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Fun fact about me: Most of the time, I’ll purchase furniture based on how easy it is to put together. Even if I love the color, even if I adore the material, I will not get out my tool kit and spend a good hour (or hours) on the floor, tinkering with tiny parts and confusing instructions. If I see the dreaded phrase “Assembly required,” I’ll likely click out of that window in my browser immediately. You can roll your eyes, but listen: Everyone has lines they draw when it comes to outfitting their home, and this is one of mine. (The exception is when it’s a larger piece of furniture that includes assembly with purchase.) So when I was in the market for new end tables and browsing through Wayfair‘s selection, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the Alvis Tray Top Cross Legs End Table because of two magical phrases on the page: “No assembly required” and “Magnetic tabletop” had me instantly sold.

This end table looked appealing for a few reasons. The first is that it comes to you in just two parts: a foldable metal frame and a magnetic tabletop. That’s it! No screws, no brackets, no nothing. It’s also very chic and would blend well with modern, mid-century modern, or minimalistic decor styles. You can also choose from four top colors (white, gray, gold, and black) and three base colors (gold, black, and silver). I (quickly!) ordered two in a gold base and a gray top, and when they arrived, it was like an assembly-hater’s dream come true. Once I opened the boxes, I simply took the base out of the packaging, and pulled the legs to expand them into a cross shape. Then, I took the tray top out of the packaging, and slid it on top of the base, positioning it correctly with the magnets holding it down. And that, my friends, was it. It took me one minute to set up one table, and I truly couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The end tables look great in my living room, and the colors and design definitely give a bit of subtle flair to the space. They’re a great height too, at about 26″ tall, and there’s a good amount of space on the tray at 14″ long — perfect for a small lamp and a few other items you want to display. Another pro is that each table is just about four pounds, making them even more manageable to set up, move around, and clean around.

The only thing I’d caution about the table being so lightweight is that if you have little ones or big dogs around, it wouldn’t be hard for them to charge into it and make it wobble or fall over. Keeping them against a wall would be your best bet if that sounds like your household. Otherwise, those who are short on time and short on patience for furniture assembly will absolutely love this super-stylish option. Even better? You can get one for almost 20 percent off now! Who doesn’t want to save money and time?

Buy: Wayfair Alvis Tray Top Cross Legs End Table, $56.92 (normally $68.99)