5 Little Ways to Unwind at Home

published Mar 29, 2019

With a bustling lifestyle business—including a mega-popular Instagram account and a curated shop of vintage finds, Harper & Arrow—plus two little ones to chase after, Cynthia Harper knows that relaxation usually comes in small doses. Her trick is to create a home that’s immediately immersive so that when she does find a couple of minutes to herself she’s instantly at ease. Her trick for that? Think of more sense experiences than what you can see. Here’s how she does it.

Add a Touch of Greenery

Natural beauty is the perfect excuse to pause during the hectic everyday. Fresh flowers and greenery bring the outside in year-round and cheer up any room. And yes, they also add a pop of color to your space. Cynthia opts for fresh eucalyptus.

Make It Sparkle

Lighting is the easiest way to create atmosphere in a room yet it’s so often overlooked. We dare you not to smile at the sight of twinkle lights. “They always add a touch of magic,” Cynthia says. Their dreamy effect really shines in a glass vase or even an unlit fireplace.

Find Your Signature Scent

A great home fragrance can totally change the feel of a space: Glade® Essentials Room Mists are simple, layered scents infused with essential oils. Cynthia’s fave, Mandarin and Mimosa, is an effervescent floral with notes of oranges and gardenia that smells like shopping at Anthropologie.

Write It Down

Journaling is Cynthia’s favorite way to unwind. There’s something about tactile experiences that make them easier to focus on in a digital world. She even keeps a journal for each of her kids: “It helps me stay in the moment with them and gives me a moment of gratitude that really grounds me.”

Try Chocolate Therapy

The final step? Indulge. Cynthia’s followers know she’s bananas for chocolate—especially chocolate chip cookies. You might not consider taste as part of a room’s DNA, but can you think of anything else that makes you happy to be where you are right now than a warm cookie?

With five evocative scents, Glade® Essential Room Mists inspire meaningful moments in your home. The delicate fine mist doesn’t leave a heavy residue, so you can just spray and savor!

Thanks, Cynthia!