We Bet We Can Guess the 6 Dustiest Spots in Your Home Right Now

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Think your home is pretty clean? Maybe you’re doing a good job of dusting the spots you remember to clean on the regular, but we bet there are a few spots that are hiding dust bunnies. Peruse this list, take a quick peek in these spots in your home and tell us if we’re right (or tell us which spots we left off).

The purpose of this dust/truth revealing list is not to shame anyone who might in fact have any of these dusty spots (I looked and I had dust in three of these spots myself!). This list is simply a way to bring awareness to those spots in your home you might not realize you haven’t been cleaning. These dust collecting spots could actually be making the spots you do clean regularly more dusty (air circulation can move dust from spots you don’t clean to spots you do clean faster than we appreciate). And the extra dust hanging out in your home could exasperate allergies and other illnesses.

1. Under/behind your fridge

The fridge is a dirt and dust magnet from all angles. Even if you remember to clean out the inside regularly and manage to clean your kitchen pretty deeply on a regular basis, we bet you’re not pulling out that fridge every week to vacuum under and around it, and we bet that the top (unless you happen to be tall or have tall housemates) has a layer of dust that settles on its surface (and the surfaces of anything you might have stored up there). The simple cleaning solution: put a deep around-the-fridge clean on your regular monthly to-do-list to help keep this area dust-free more often.

2. Under your heaviest piece of furniture

That big sofa? Or that giant bookcase? The heavy credenza? Chances are you’re not going the extra mile to vacuum or clean under any furniture that makes it hard for you to get to. But these areas can become dust bunny condominiums after awhile. Get creative with vacuum attachments or long/flexible cleaning supplies to be able to reach these hard-to-reach areas or make moving them out of the way for some cleaning a part of your monthly deep clean attack. You might consider discreet sliders or even castors under your heavy furniture to help make them more movable (but still protect your floors).

3. Under your rugs

You might be doing a great job of vacuuming the tops of your rugs to keep them clean on a weekly basis, but when’s the last time you looked under them? Dust and dirt can fall through the fibers and fall to the floor under your rug and depending on your rug’s thickness, might not be sucked up when you run a vacuum over it. So every now and then roll your rugs up to vacuum under them and the underside of the rugs for a truly deep clean.

4. The top of a bookcase (or the top shelf)

Very tall bookcases or high shelves could be hiding layers of dust that don’t get disturbed very often if you don’t use or move the objects on said shelf or bookcase. The solution? Again, just make sure you’re folding these spots into your regular cleaning.

5. The top of your kitchen cabinets

Whether you keep these empty or fill them with stuff, if you’ve got the tops of kitchen cabinets (meaning the cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling), you’ve unfortunately got another area you’ve got to put on your regular dusting list to keep under control.

6. Your ceiling fan

Though we’ve made this spot the subject of a weekend project, if you didn’t tackle that assignment yet, we bet this spot in your home is dusty and a little grimy. It’s an easy fix (with a secret cleaning trick) and can help cut the dust level in your home.

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So how did we do? Are these the six dustiest spots in your home? If no, what did we miss?