If You Like Your Weighted Blanket, then You’re Going to Love this New Cozy Home Decor Trend

updated Jan 22, 2021
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Credit: Erin Derby

Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another, and weighted blankets have been touted as a science-backed, natural way of reducing tension and uneasiness. In fact, a 2008 study published in “Occupational Therapy in Mental Health” found that using a weighted blanket reduced anxiety in 33 percent of its participants. The main drawback to weighted blankets is that they’re often very expensive, but the latest iteration of the weighted item trend offers more flexibility on that front: weighted pillows.

These cozy cushions range in sizes, shapes, and materials but promise to deliver some of the same soothing perks of weighted blankets at just a fraction of the cost. For that reason, I’m tempted to get a pillow of my own to place in my lap while working or around my shoulders for winding down at night. These are just some of the stylish options that caught my eye, and I expect to see more of these kinds of cushions in the market soon.

Credit: Amazon

The Giving Heart Weighted Pillow

This soft, nubby weighted pillow is the perfect way to send a hug to someone who needs it. Not only does it apply pressure that mimics the sensation of being held, but it also can be heated up in a microwave or placed in the fridge to cool for use when you need to ease inflammation.

Buy: The Giving Heart Weighted Pillow, $41.95 from Amazon

Weighted U-Neck Pillow

This u-shaped pillow applies three pounds of pressure to your neck and shoulders with the help of glass beads. Reviewers say that it helps relieve tension and can even inspire better posture. “I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders; throughout the day they just rise up,” said one reviewer. “Nothing has helped me relax quite as much as throwing this bad boy on when I get home from work.”

Buy: Weighted U-Neck Pillow, $24.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

Weighted Sensory Knot Ball

This weighted ball mimics the popular knot pillows decorating influencers’ and bloggers’ living rooms. It’s a little on the pricy side, but it’s more than just a cute, quirky accent. This particular knot ball acts as a lap pad, fidget reducer, and anxiety nixer. You can squeeze and press the ball with your hands, stuff your hands into the ball, or lay it across your lap and just bliss out under it’s five-and-a-half pound weight.

Buy: Weighted Sensory Knot Ball, $117.99 from Fun & Function

Credit: KonMari

Weighted Meditation Support Pillow

Those into the KonMari method will be happy to know that Marie herself endorses the weighted pillow trend. Made from organic recycled cotton and hemp with buckwheat hulls as its filling, this triangle-shaped cushion is the perfect perch for meditation and can also be used as a laptop pillow for an extra dose of comfort while working.

Buy: Weighted Meditation Support Cushion, $149.00 from The KonMari

Credit: Target

Kid’s Weighted Lap Pad

If the little one in your life could benefit from a weighted pillow as well, look no further than Target. Available in both blue and gray microplush, these soft lap cushions weigh in under five pounds and are closer in size to standard lumbar pillows, so they’re easy to take in the car or pack for school.

Buy: Pillowfort Kid’s Weighted Lap Pad, $19.99 from Target

Credit: Anthropolgie

Nodpod Weighted Eye Pillow/Mask

Some weighted pillows are just for the eyes, and this ultra-soft cotton jersey version from Anthropologie is a great pick if you want something super small. It features four equally-weighted pods that contour to your face, which block out light and provide gentle, soothing pressure to help relieve stress. There’s even a pull-through loop if you want to wear it like a mask.

Buy: Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask, $32.00 from Anthropologie

Credit: Etsy

Heart Weighted Lap Pillow

Soft and designed for hugs, this heart-shaped pillow applies a soothing pressure on your chest or lap, helping you de-stress when you’re hanging out on the couch after a long day. Made from cotton fabric with beanie balls and medical grade poly pellets, these pillows are about three pounds each but can be custom-ordered in different fabrics and in heavier weights, too. 

Buy: Heart Weighted Lap Pillow , $29.99 $26.99 from Etsy