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The WFH Upgrades That Can (Actually!) Improve Your Well-Being

published Nov 13, 2023
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Credit: Peggy Lin
Peggy's ergonomic WFH space is set up with comfort in mind.

Picture it: 2023, your WFH space. You’d think by now we’d have it all figured out, but do we really? The answer is: There’s always room for improvement!

Peggy Lin, a producer at Apartment Therapy, shared a look at her WFH setup that’s focused on maximizing well-being at work. Great lighting, a little aromatherapy, and lots of plants all make for a good workspace at Peggy’s NYC apartment — and ergo-friendly, mindfully designed equipment from Logitech® brings it from good to optimized. Let’s start with the most important part: her keyboard.

Credit: Peggy Lin
Your hands called; they want this keyboard.

“The Wave Keys keyboard gives my hands a more natural typing and resting position,” Peggy says. Does an ergonomic keyboard really help? Yes, it can! Logitech helped pioneer this ergo-forward design. It’s cushy, compact, and helps encourage better posture at your desk. And as Peggy puts it: “It’s hard to get in the zone with wrist pain poking at you.”

Credit: Peggy Lin

If you use a mouse, you might know what Peggy means when she describes that “awkward claw position.” Logitech’s Lift Mouse is ergonomically designed for comfort and relaxation, no clawing required. It’s especially great for anyone with smaller hands, giving you comfortable control all day. For all you lefties out there, a left-handed version is available, too.

Credit: Peggy Lin

As a producer, Peggy often spends hours attending photo shoots remotely, scrubbing through video footage, listening to music samples, and watching edits of videos — and getting on video calls to discuss all of the above, too. It’s important that she has the best when it comes to her webcam and headphones. “The Brio 500 webcam forced me to sit with better posture — no longer extending my neck to the side where my laptop would be because that was the only camera I was using,” she says.

“My whole WFH setup is decked out with ergo products now and it motivates me to maintain the health and wellness mindset every day.”

Peggy Lin
Credit: Peggy Lin

In addition to an image quality upgrade, Peggy also upped her sound game. “The Zone Vibe 100 headphones allow me to focus better without outside noise distractions, and give me clearer sound during video shoots.”

If you’re a regular on Apartment Therapy, you’ve definitely seen Peggy’s work. Behind the scenes, Logitech’s ergo-friendly equipment is helping her make it happen. So, take it from a pro: Every great WFH space should be focused on well-being first to help you get the job done.