What Kitchen Style Best Suits Your Design Taste?

published Jun 6, 2016
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(Image credit: BLANCO)

Determining a personal style for any room is a balance of performance and aesthetics, but in a laboring room like the kitchen, the relationship becomes especially important. Mine is casually utilitarian: a playground for the (aspiring) baker in me and a workstation for my love of Sunday-evening meal prep. At the same time, I want my kitchen to be the part of my home where I feel most, well, at home.

The sinks and faucets of BLANCO are built to accommodate these dual needs, with both durability and beauty in mind. Made from their signature SILGRANIT material, the products’ non-porous surface is scratch-resistant and a breeze to clean while matching a variety of different styles. These traits cinch up the kitchen’s function, leaving us to figure out what form will best complement them.

(Image credit: BLANCO)

Industrial Chic

The industrial home kitchen mimics one you’d see in a restaurant, with its main purpose being functionality. Staples of the industrial style include visibly hanging pots and pans, stainless steel appliances, and a kitchen island which doubles as a place for prep work as well as socializing when guests drop in. Integrating the sink into this area ensures the cook is never far from the action.

(Image credit: BLANCO)

With its modern farmhouse-style design, the IKON sink, crafted of BLANCO‘s patented SILGRANIT granite composite material (pictured in White; also available in Anthracite and Café Brown), is stylish but heavy-duty—just like what’d you see BOH (back-of-house, for you non-industry civilians). Adding a FLOATING GRID to the sink assists the cook by acting as an additional work level. Bonus: it can also be used at a trivet when serving.

(Image credit: BLANCO)

Understated Minimalist

The minimalist’s kitchen is for those who want an airy, uncluttered, and streamlined workspace. This style is especially great for those who value sleek design but aren’t working with much square footage (think: frameless cabinets, hidden storage!). Not to mention, the palette of white and muted neutrals make any space appear larger.

In crisp white, the DIAMOND sink (pictured in white; available in seven more color options) effortlessly fits the minimalist theme. Stain-resistant SILGRANIT makes it easy to keep looking new with very little maintenance. The DIAMOND’s low divide is also great for washing a heavy load of dishes without spillover.

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Classic Craftsman

Defined by high quality, beauty, and simplicity, craftsman kitchens came about in the early 20th century as a reaction against the ornate designs of the Victorian era. Well-constructed wood cabinets, colored backsplashes, and a lack of shiny metal make for a characteristically rustic appearance. Overall, the craftsman style has a warm and traditional feel.

With its advanced functionality and modern appearance, the ARTONA faucet (pictured above in Anthracite and at top of post in Tryffle) is right at home in this style kitchen. The dark SILGRANIT finish perfectly complements the warmth of the rest of the space, giving a subtle nod to the farm-to-city trend.