Front Door Dilemma: What the Heck Goes with Periwinkle & Mint Green?

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I’m really hoping the Apartment Therapy forum will help me out on this one. My husband and I bought our first house in October, and now that the weather is nice we have turned our sights to the exterior. Landscaping aside, we want to achieve a brand new look on the cheap by repainting the upper purple scalloped siding [see listing photo below]. Right now the house looks pretty goofy, particularly with the newly minted door which we did and want to keep, so we are in search of a color to unify the look…

(Image credit: Darcy)
(Image credit: Darcy)

We hope that by repainting the purple bits (the side lights will be repainted to their original white) we can make our house look more chic curbside; the problem now is what color to paint it? My husband feels grey would make the house look too gloomy, so we’ve also thought further outside the box: maybe yellow, a dark blue… but as new homeowners we really don’t want to make a bad decision right out the gate and end up with a look we only sort-of like. Any recommendations for a color, or a direction for that matter, would be greatly *greatly* appreciated! -Sent by Darcy

Editor: “Newly minted”—good one, Darcy. When I used to walk around San Francisco, I would frequently play Fantasy House Painter, imagining how I would adjust—or overhaul—the colors of all the fabulously painted houses. Now, readers, it is time for you to play FHP and help Darcy out! What would you do?

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