Tries, Buys, and DIYs: 7 Things Apartment Therapy Editors Are Loving This Week

published Apr 7, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

As a shopping editor, I always have an ear to the ground for the coolest, smartest, most need-to-know home products — it’s kind of my thing. Now, I’m letting you in on the fun, bringing top picks from our editors’ radars straight to your very own space.

Not sure where to shop, or just need some quick inspo? Start here with a weekly rundown of AT editors’ favorite finds, from things we’ve tested and exciting brand launches, to home project kickstarters. Read on to see what’s got our team buzzing this week.

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Farrow & Ball

“I’m gearing up for a bedroom makeover, and of course, I’m starting with paint to set a warm, serene tone. The richness and pigment of Farrow & Ball’s colors are truly unparalleled, and now, with their new Dead Flat finish, durability has definitely followed suit. You can wash this paint, wipe it, and it’s designed to resist scuffs, too, meaning it’s great if you have little ones or pets. I got a chance to test it out with markers — yes, colored markers! — and couldn’t believe how quickly my doodles lifted with just a swipe of a damp cloth! Dead Flat is also Farrow & Ball’s most matte finish, which means it’s virtually unaffected by light bounce. That’s key for someone like me, who lives in an old house with plaster walls that have some imperfections, which sheen would only highlight. Right now, I’m leaning towards Setting Plaster (No. 231), a cozy peachy-pink with yellow undertones. I’m thinking it’ll look beautiful with my fern green headboard.” —Danielle Blundell, Executive Home Director

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West & Willow

“I never thought I’d be the person to commission a custom portrait of my pets. Don’t get me wrong, I adore them, and my phone’s library is filled with photos of them doing absolutely nothing but being cute. I just prefer photography to paintings, and I didn’t think I’d ever be swayed. Welp, West & Willow proved me wrong. Their custom pet portraits are so unbelievably realistic — they almost look like photographs. I had a custom painting made of my Yorkie, Karma, and mini schnauzer, Nola, and they’re so accurate that it’s almost scary. The portrait adorably captures the sparkle and mischief in their eyes, and since it comes framed, I was able to unbox and hang it in my kitchen to add instant personality to the space.” —Charli Penn, Executive Lifestyle Director

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“Wearing this waffle robe from Coyuchi when I step out of the shower has kept me super-comfy and cozy with its airy cotton material. The deep ocean color feels new to my wardrobe and matches the tile in my bathroom, and I love drinking my nightly cup of tea while wearing it.” —Noella Williams, Assistant News & Culture Editor

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Lulu and Georgia

“I’ve always dreamt of creating a cozy outdoor space that rivals my actual living room, so I can’t help but drool over Lulu and Georgia’s new outdoor collection. They have tons of gorgeous indoor/outdoor sofas and sectionals currently on my wish list, especially this two-seater Anson Sofa.” —Savannah West, Home Assistant Editor

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Best Buy

“I’m currently the proud owner of an Oral-B iO Series 8 in the Violet Ametrine color. Don't tell my dentist this, but I was so hesitant to get an electric toothbrush because of how hefty (and not aesthetically pleasing) they are, especially for a tool that's supposed to sit on your bathroom counter. Luckily, my toothbrush is neither of those things. Of course, it's also doing wonders for my chompers; the accompanying app tells me how well I'm brushing and if I'm using too much pressure. You've probably seen commercials about how nine out of 10 dentists agree on a certain product, but I'm going to go ahead and say 10 out of 10 will agree this toothbrush is both beautiful and functional.” —Maddie Bilis, Deputy Lifestyle Director

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“Aerangis is celebrating their third anniversary with the launch of Soiree Noire, a decadent candle that smells like a black tie celebration. Top notes of Sicilian lemon and black cassis are balanced with Turkish rose and cashmere wood. It’s truly a sexy and sophisticated scent.” —Tara Bellucci, News and Culture Director

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“My family loves playing dominoes, and I wanted to get a pretty set that I could display when we're not in competition. This colorful one from Galison is exactly that! The box is compact, and the colors on each tile are bold and fun. I keep the box on my bookcase, and it looks beautiful. I can't wait to bring these dominoes to the beach and park in the summer, too.” —Kelly Dawson, Deputy Editor