3 Things to Splurge On for Your Bedroom, And 3 Things You Can Save On

published Feb 4, 2020
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When it comes to decorating any room, it’s reasonable to assume you can’t splurge on every single piece of furniture or accessory you put into the space. Your bedroom—you know, the place you relax, unwind, and spend roughly a third of your life, should certainly feel calm. That said, how should you decide what to spend your money on and where you can cut corners? Well, leave it to the experts. We spoke to three designers on how to get the most out of your bedroom budget, and here’s what they had to say. 

Splurge On Custom Drapery

Because every window and room is different, Haley Weidenbaum, designer and founder of Everhem, says custom window treatments are the place to splurge. “If you want window treatments that look right in your space, it’s best to make the investment in some that are tailor-made for your unique windows,” says Weidenbaum. “When you order custom drapery, you’re designing something specifically for the width and length of your windows—and the height of your ceiling—so you can guarantee they’ll look proportional.” Plus, you’ll want to make sure you have drapery that suits your sleeping needs, whether that be of the blackout variety for the light sleeper or perhaps a sheer option for those who like to rise with the sun.   

Save On Nightstands

Weidenbaum says to go the inexpensive route when it comes to bedside tables. “Nightstands are a heavy use item in the bedroom,” she says. “While you might not realize it, they’re susceptible to a lot of wear and tear. Considering you can find affordable and perfectly sized nightstands at just about any big box or furniture store, the high-end route isn’t worth taking. And in a small space, you don’t even need nightstands. Try flanking your bed with wall-mounted shelves or even a set of simple chairs. All you really need is enough of a surface for a clock, lamp, and maybe a glass of water.”

Splurge On Art

If you’re familiar with LA-based designer Emily Henderson and the way she mixes whimsical vintage pieces with newer products, then you won’t be too surprised by her bedroom splurge suggestion. “The great thing about decor products in 2020 is that there is so much out there that is affordable and really good quality,” says Henderson. “So where I want—and recommend—to spend money is on a really special and/or vintage piece of art you love for your bedroom.” One good piece of art can make your space unique and elevate the overall style. “Plus, it’s something that can easily move with you from room to room, home to home,” says Henderson, so art is always a great investment, even if you’re currently living in a rental. And remember: There’s no need to buy all the art for your home at one time. A solid personal art collection takes time, thought, and careful curation.

Save On Sheets

“Where I would save is bed linens,” says Henderson. “I honestly use simple Target bedding most of the time with a cool throw or quilt.” Henderson is quick not to discount luxury bedding—but if budget is a concern, your money just might not be best spent here, since it’s fairly easy to fake the look of a high end bed. It’s all about the layering. Find a neutral budget bedding set to use as a base and then pile on a few interesting throw pillows and a blanket. This way, you can easily switch out these accessories when you feel like changing up your bedroom without buying all new bedding.  

Credit: Brian Bieder

Splurge On a Mattress Pad and Pillows

Maybe you wish you could replace your mattress—it’s never been that great, but it’s not quite past its prime yet. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak your sleep setup at all. In fact, designer Maggie Griffin believes in splurging on comfort with a couple of key bed add-ons. “Find yourself a comfy foam mattress pad and pair it with memory foam pillows,” Griffin says. You might be surprised how much these extras make a difference in terms of comfort. 

Save On Decorative Accessories 

When you set out to decorate your bedroom, Griffin says to make sure your space feels tranquil, which means keeping extraneous objects to a minimum. “Be careful not to overspend on too many accessories or furnishings when decorating your space,” says Griffin. “Your bedroom should feel restful and spacious—not cluttered with excess stuff and furniture.”