Yes, Concrete Floors Can Be Warmed Up With Paint, and Here’s How

published Nov 16, 2022
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Credit: Puno

Puno Puno and Daniel Chin Yee‘s LA loft is so cool, Apartment Therapy has actually toured it twice. Upon first visit, the couple had only lived in the loft for six months and had set it up as shop for both living and working on their shared business. The space was anchored with a bright red sectional, lots of plants, and even a working photography “studio” of sorts. Fast-forward five years, and the curvy sectional has been reupholstered in a creamy white, the plants have grown exponentially, and the duo has added a new member to the family (baby Frankie)! Aside from the addition of another human to their home, possibly the biggest change they’ve made to their loft is painting the concrete floors white.

Credit: Puno

Originally, the floors were a standard sealed concrete you’d expect to find in a converted loft space. Industrial features like exposed ducts and pipes, huge windows, and poured concrete flooring are charming parts of any loft, but a lot can change in five years, including style preferences. Puno says that “previously, we said [our style was] Danish Tropical aka ‘Raindrop Dane Trop‘ and we’ve leaned into it even more since.” She’s quick to add the big difference painting the floors has made though in achieving that look. “I feel like the palette is a lot more cohesive now, but the white floors really help with that,” Puno says.

Credit: Puno

The couple also counts the new white floors as their proudest DIY, having tackled the daunting project on their own. “We had to move all the plants and the furniture into the room and then it took about two days to sand and paint (three coats),” Puno says. “We used Behr Premium Interior / Exterior Concrete & Garage White Base No. 900.” Much like their ambitious rental kitchen reno, they’ve lightened and brightened the entire space with just three coats of white paint, which, for all the effort they put into the project, feels like a worthwhile payoff. So if you needed any inspiration to paint your floors — if they’re old or in disrepair — you’re welcome. On the other hand, if you thought concrete couldn’t be painted, here’s proof that it can and should be, especially if you want to warm up an industrial space because the old-timey factory look isn’t working for you anymore.