This IKEA Find Will Solve Your Ugly Wi-Fi Router Problem, According to TikTok

published Nov 11, 2022
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To many, hiding a Wi-Fi router without disrupting its signal seems impossible. However, according to TikTok, all it takes is a bit of rattan.

TikTok user @shaynaalnwick recently posted a hack on how to disguise a Wi-Fi router using a woven basket from IKEA. In her video, she takes a pair of scissors and cuts into the back of an IKEA SMARRA box. The hole should just be big enough to allow the router’s cables to pass through. Then, she closes the lid and — voila — no more router.

It’s a simple hack that not only hides an unsightly device, but also adds character to a space. As seen in the video, @shaynaalnwick even dresses her rattan box with a couple of books and a scented candle.

The comments, though, were a bit mixed about the hack. Some said that the rattan would block the signal, with one comment claiming: “Should have two feet of space around for best signal.” 

Others disagreed, saying that the holes would allow the signal to pass through. Another added: “I feel like that thin basket won’t affect Wi-Fi strength… it’s able to go through walls and floors.”

And then there were those who said that the box would block airflow and turn the device into a fire hazard. Those who believe otherwise countered that if a router could overheat that bad, then you probably need to have it replaced anyway.

If you want to try out the hack, perhaps keep an eye on it the first couple of hours to see if the box affects your router’s signal and cooling ability, then decide if it’s worth keeping. 
IKEA’s SMARRA box with lid is available both in stores and online for $14.99 (a bigger version is $18.99).