Spring Cleaning

3 Different Ways You Can Decide to Spring Clean Your Windows

updated May 3, 2019
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With Spring Cleaning for Your Mood, we’re helping you get your housekeeping done no matter what state of mind you’re in. For 20 weekdays in April, we’ll focus on cleaning a new area of your space, with three different ways to get it done—so it’s easy to stay on track even when you’re busy, tired, or away from home. Sign up with your email now and enjoy a better space by the end of the month.

Apparently the story behind why we deep clean in the spring is all about windows: opening them up to let fresh air in and shake winter dust out from inside our homes. So it’s only fitting that the windows themselves get a little attention, too. Let’s shine them up so we can clearly see and enjoy the beautiful season blooming outside.

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Day 9 Assignment: Windows

We’re Spring Cleaning for Your Mood, but also keep your space in mind today. If you’re feeling especially motivated but you also have lots of windows at home, you might choose to take the deep clean route, but only on one floor or in a few rooms. Up to you!

So what are you in the mood for today?

A Satisfying Deep Dive: Clean your windows, inside and out.

Depending on how you live, you might not be able to access every part of your home’s windows. That’s fine—just cover as much ground as you can.

  • Open your windows, pop out the window screens, and wash them with soapy water. (Or clean them and pop them in, if you’ve had them in storage for the winter.)
  • Wash the window glass on both sides, if you’re able. Use glass cleaner, or a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Take a pass with your cleaner and a rag, then use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to get the glass dry and keep it streak- and lint-free.
  • Vacuum your window tracks (you can craft a makeshift detail attachment from a paper towel tube), and clean them with a detail brush.
  • Wipe down the window sills and frames.
  • Dust your window blinds, curtain hardware, and either vacuum or machine-wash your window coverings (follow the directions on the label).
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A Quick Win: Clean your window coverings.

If you have just a quick second today, ignore the window itself (for now) and just focus on the window coverings. This is your chance to wipe dust from all the blinds, clean your window curtain rods, and wash the curtains. Check the label—if your curtains can be machine washed, that’s an easy task for today. If not, give the curtains a once-over with your vacuum’s upholstery brush attachment.

A Mindful Reset: Count your windows.

Counting sheep can help you fall asleep, and counting your windows might just help you clean them. If you’re away from home, or just overwhelmed by the idea of washing all your windows today, grab a note pad and try this exercise: Walk through your home in your head and count how many windows you have. Give each one a nickname (like “left bedroom” not “skipper”—unless that’s more your thing, then go’head) and write them all down. Then assign yourself a schedule to get them cleaned. Can you write down specific days next to each window and commit to cleaning one a day or one a week until you’re done?

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