#Witchcore Is Trending on TikTok — Here’s How to Get the Look

published Sep 17, 2021
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Yes, it’s true. There’s yet another “core” you need to know about. The cottagecore aesthetic is still going strong about a year after it blew up, but new sub-aesthetics are taking root (and also taking TikTok by storm). Fairycore, for example, has inspired home decor enthusiasts to bring the outdoors in with mushroom-inspired furniture and accessories. And now #witchcore has begun trending just in time for the Halloween season. 

So… what exactly is witchcore?

Similar to fairycore and cottagecore, witchcore relies heavily on bringing nature into your space. Dried herbs and flowers, potted plants, crystals, colored bottles, and baskets made of natural materials are all elements of witchcore-inspired design.

When introducing witchcore accessories into your space, think “Would you find this in the woodsy cabin of a magical practitioner?” If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.

Depending on your style, witchcore can present itself in a variety of different ways. Those who are into a whimsical, colorful “green witch” aesthetic can focus on filling their space with colorful plants and flowers, vintage botanical prints, crystals, and bottles like these from Amazon. 

Just think how cute your plant propagation station would be if you replaced your current vases with these rainbow beauties.

Witchcore that leans more gothic might borrow some elements from the dark academia aesthetic — rich, dark reds, browns, and black, stacks of books, and plenty of candlelight.

This antique rust iron tabletop candelabra from Riverbend Home would fit in perfectly with this type of witchcore decor scheme.

Or you could combine witchcore with now-iconic grandmillennial style and start collecting lace doilies, embroidered pillows, and tapestries.

This wall-hanging from Anthropologie is an awesome melding of these two aesthetics.

Of course, like any of the other “cores” that fall under the cottagecore umbrella, they’re aesthetics that look like they’ve been curated over many years. So, keep your eyes peeled for witchy home accessories and begin building your ideal witchcore space slowly and, like casting a spell, with intention.