10 Spooky Decor Pieces That Can Be Displayed All Year Long

published Oct 31, 2023
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As a lifelong Halloween obsessee, I’ve always wished we had more time to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. As soon as summer starts I find myself counting down the days until it’s time to binge-watch horror movies, plan my Halloween costume (or costumes if we’re being really honest), and deck my halls with witch hats, bats, and pumpkins galore

But spooky season is basically only a month. Putting in all that work to add Halloween-inspired flair to your home just to tear it down a few weeks later doesn’t always feel like it’s worth it. That’s why I’ve started incorporating some of my favorite Halloween motifs into my everyday decor.

I’ve long been a fan of both snake and crescent moon iconography, so that was my jumping off point. Over time, I’ve been able to find pieces that nod to spooky season without feeling like holiday-specific decorations that should be put away once October ends.

There are plenty of other Halloween themes that work all year long, so I rounded up a few to help get you started. Black cats, bats, witch hats, the color orange (see, they don’t all have to rhyme!) can all come into play. You can even consider incorporating crystals and cauldrons into your home as well — it’s up to you!

Whatever style you prefer, these spooky-esque accessories deserve to stay on display long past All Hallows Eve. 

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West Elm

Don’t let their dangerous reputation fool you, snakes can bring good vibes to your home. Every time I step past this welcome mat and into my apartment, I’m reminded that just like snakes shed their skin and start anew, I can embrace growth and change as well. As an added bonus, it stands out from the sea of plain coir mats that populate the rest of my building and feels unexpectedly stylish.

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I love how elevated and understated these nesting tables look, thanks to their marble top and gold base — seriously, most of my guests don’t even realize they represent moon phases until I point it out. Nesting tables are also a great choice for small spaces; you can style all three together to save space and then move them anytime you need additional surfaces to place snacks or drinks.

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Pay homage to the late great Edgar Allen Poe and his classic poem The Raven with this set of bookends. Nevermore will your books sit crooked on a shelf with these sleek black birds holding them up.

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It’s not easy to find witch hat-inspired decor that doesn’t seem cartoonish or strictly suited for Halloween, but this chic ring holder changes the game. The twisted shape adds a bit of abstract subtlety that makes it appropriate to keep on display all year long.

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Sure, black cats may be more synonymous with Halloween, but all cats can get in on the fun. This vase duo features a very subtle cat shape that adds a fun nod to felines without sacrificing any style.

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I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve never wanted a piece of decor more than I want this lamp. There’s just something so mesmerizing about it. And sure, once you know the base is a snake it’s impossible not to see it, but it can also read as just a fun curvy squiggle, so you won’t run the risk of anyone assuming it’s a Halloween decoration you left up too long.

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You can’t go wrong with a simple black and white color scheme, especially in your bathroom. And this coffin-inspired bath mat brings just the right amount of gothic style, without feeling too over the top or morbid.

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West Elm

If you want to keep things really subtle try incorporating a bit of orange and black into your decor scheme. When done correctly, no one will associate it with your love of Halloween (unless you clue them in, of course). Something easy to swap in and out like this throw blanket is also a great option if you just want to test the waters of embracing spooky season all year long.

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Urban Outfitters

Black candles have been a go-to Halloween decoration for years, but the addition of white wax makes this set of tapers a little more suited for everyday life. Pair these with a black candle holder to make them appear even longer, or go for something metallic to add some eye catching contrast.

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If Van Gogh’s famous depiction of a skeleton smoking a cigarette is any indication, the famed artist may have been a Halloween fan as well. And while the original is part of the permanent collection at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, you can pay homage to it with this affordable print.