Your Dressed-Up DIY Halloween Photo Booth

published Oct 19, 2016
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(Image credit: Jay Wen)

It’s time to start planning your best-ever Halloween party! Your friends will freak when they see your custom-made photo booth and its Insta-awesomeness. Even the ones who didn’t wear costumes will have fun dressing up in boas and Groucho glasses. The best part? It only takes a trip to the craft store and an hour or two to pull this project together, and thanks to Command™ Party products, it takes even less time to pull it down on November 1.

Make Your Spook-tacular Halloween Photo Booth

The secret to a simple photo booth that looks like it was an epic project? Layers! When you build your backdrop piece by piece, you create lots of light and depth. It’s easy to do and makes you and your guests look equally amazing. Here’s how to hang it all, bit by bit…

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First, we hung a DIY streamer curtain and tinsel rain curtain as separate layers, each using Command™ Party Light Clips. Then, we prepped for the next layer with Command™ Banner Anchors, which mount to the wall with easy-to-hang adhesive strips. (Image credit: Jay Wen)
  • Layer #1: Fringy Base Layer
    For the base, we made a DIY streamer curtain using orange crepe paper, twine, and packing tape. To hang it, we used Command™ Party Light Clips, which work for up to three pounds.
  • Layer #2: Tinsel Streamers
    To step up the shine, we hung a metallic foil fringe curtain, also using Command™ Party Light Clips. They come pre-applied with adhesive — installation is super easy, and they won’t mark up your walls when you remove them.
  • Layer #3: Black Netting
    A lightweight (less than 0.5 lbs.) black fishnet backdrop adds some shadow, but still lets the sparkly stuff peek through. To hang it, we used Command™ Party Banner Anchors and strung the netting around the round knobs.
  • Layer #4: Halloween Lights
    Strings of mini LED Halloween lights give the background a “glow cloud” that makes photos look extra-awesome. To hang this last layer of our curtain, we switched back to the Command™ Party Light Clips.
  • Layer #5: Bats & Witch Hats
    We wanted something that felt spooky-but-silly, so we hung bats and beaded witch hats to look like they’re levitating. Command™ Party Ceiling Hooks made installation easy, and they work for hanging paper lanterns or poms, too.
  • Layer #6: Bunches of Balloons
    You could make a whole balloon wall for your booth, but we only used a few clusters to create a party vibe. Command™ Party Balloon Bunchers hold three balloons each — just slide the tied ends into notched hangers.
  • Layer #7: Photo Props
    This is the really fun part! We used Command™ Clear Caddies in small, medium and large sizes to hold masks, moustaches-on-a-stick and Groucho glasses. To store the feather boas, we used Command™ Slate Terrace Hooks, which hold up to three pounds. Always check the weight restrictions on the package to see if your caddies and hooks will hold what you need.

How to Hang Hooks Without Damaging Your Walls

We want our photo-booth memories to be the photos — not the mess on the wall. Command™ Brand products are easy to apply and remove, and they work on wood, metal, tile, drywall, or glass. Here’s how…

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First, clean your wall with rubbing alcohol. Per instructions, adhere a Command™ Strip to the hook. Remove the adhesive liners to stick the hook to the wall. Press firmly for 10 seconds, then slide the hook off the wall so the hanging strip remains. (Image credit: Jay Wen)

(NOTE: If your project requires other CommandBrand products such as picture ledges, make sure to check the package instructions for weight and step-by-step installation tips!)

Now, go and plan your party! Halloween is creeping closer…and we can’t wait!

(Image credit: Jay Wen)

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