“You’re Moving…Again?” Benefits of Being a Serial Mover

published Jul 19, 2016
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“You’re moving?! Again??” I get that a lot. And for good reason. Over the course of ten years in Seattle, I have lived in six different apartments. While that may sound like a nightmare to some people, I have been thoroughly excited to move every single time. And I enjoy every second of my time in each new place. But right around the one and a half year mark, something happens. I get a little itch. An itch to redecorate, to be in a new environment, and to generally shake things up a bit. Even though it’s a lot of work, I’m always completely driven by the array of positive things that happen as a result of moving. Here are just a handful of them:

It gives your decor new life

Even if you’re using the same furniture and accessories, everything feels fresh and different simply because it’s in a new space and in a new configuration. I often use furniture differently (a small buffet in one apartment becomes a TV stand in another), as well as eliminate certain pillows or vases and resurrect old ones I find during the packing process. Even small changes can put a new spin on the whole look.

It inspires you to refresh your decor

New space, new stuff! I bought my first grown-up couch when I moved into a brand spanking new MIL suite that was just too beautiful for my hand-me-down couch. In another apartment, a powder blue wall in the living room inspired me to hunt down orange throw pillows and matching picture frames — never underestimate the mood-elevating powers of a great color combo.

You rediscover your city/town

Moving is the closest I can get to the feeling of traveling without actually traveling. You have different streets to walk, new parks to frequent, different shops to peruse, and new restaurants to try. Especially in a city, it’s the only way to really get to know a neighborhood—and by extension, the city.

It makes you get rid of stuff

The second you start packing, you begin to unearth belongings you don’t want or need, forcing you to reevaluate what stays and what goes. And once you’ve tossed or donated everything in the “goes” pile, it’s like taking off a heavy backpack at the top of a long hike. Freedom!

It’s a great workout!

I let myself go heavy on Mexican food around moving time because I know I’ll be running around like crazy. Even if you hire movers (which I do), there is so much physical activity required when packing up that you quite literally do end up working your tail off.

Being a serial mover is not necessarily better than not being one — it’s not for everyone and not always feasible. And you certainly don’t have to move as often as I do to experience the perks. But if you were the under the impression that “just ‘cuz” isn’t a good enough reason to move, or if you aren’t exactly a fan of moving, please consider this a list of legit justifications and/or a glass-half-full perspective. You’re welcome.