Zippered Sheets: For Anyone Who Can’t Stand Changing Fitted Sheets (AKA “Everyone Ever”)

published Aug 16, 2017
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There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think changing sheets is NBD and the rest of us, aka anyone who doesn’t have their bed floating in the middle of a vast room. The truth is, changing a fitted sheet can be a real chore if your bed is positioned sideways up against a wall or placed in an awkward nook or corner, or if you have a particularly involved bedframe. But fret not my friends, there’s a product out there designed to make switching out your bed sheets a bit more of a breeze.

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What They Are

They’re called zippered sheets. On top of making it easier to change your sheets, they supposedly help them stay secured to your mattress no matter how fussily you sleep. Composed of a zippered top and a zippered base that wraps around your mattress, zippered sheets allow you to switch out the top of your sheet in a matter of seconds; without ever having to lift your heavy mattress. Simply put the whole zippered sheet set on like you would a normal fitted sheet and then just zip off the top part of the sheet from the base when it is time to launder.

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Who They’re For

If you’re tired of trying to make up your cramped corner bed (or a one in a tight space), these sheets are for you. If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep (to the point where your fitted sheets come off), zip-top sheets can help keep your bed linens secured. Dealing with a deep bed frame that makes it hard to lift your mattress? Two words: zippered sheets. Also, if you’re forgetful (or just annoyed) about switching out your sheets on a regular basis—experts recommend once a week to avoid dust mites and bacteria—then you know what time it is. (Hint: zipper time.)

And where to find to find them…

Founded as a result of new mom Elizabeth Sopher struggles with changing crib sheets, QuickZip is your one-stop shop for zippered bedding. Offering everything from twin bed starter packs to ultra luxe sateen sheets, QuickZip has your whole family’s bedding needs covered—or zippered, rather. You can even snag ’em on Amazon.

Touted as the “World’s Fastest Bed Sheet Changing Solution,” Soulria is a Kickstarter campaign devoted to you guessed it: zippered sheets. Along with affordable zip-on bed sheet sets (starting at $69 a pop) the brand also offers money-saving sheet bundles—with spare zip-on tops and pillow cases—so you can change your bed sheets more regularly (and in less than 30 seconds).

In addition to a solid assortment of QuickZip brand sheets for all ages, Bed Bath & Beyond has a decent selection of kid-friendly zip-ups, including zippered crib covers.