3 Ways You Can Be a Better Neighbor, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Oct 8, 2019
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Every zodiac sign has its strengths: Taurus, can you lend us some styling tips for our living room? Cancer, pretty please share that chocolate chip recipe. Pisces, are you actually a dog whisperer? 

With that in mind, here’s how to harness the strengths and temper the weaknesses of your zodiac sign to be an even better neighbor. (We know all this peace and harmony is gratifying to you, Libra).

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Symbolized by the ram, you’re brave and courageous and action-oriented, says astrologist Terry O’Connor, a writer for Astrology 42. Use your directness as an asset, he suggests. 

  • You’ve got places to be and things to do, but drive slowly on the shared roads, O’Connor says. 
  • Whether you’re posting on Nextdoor or having a conversation IRL, be direct, but not rude; and listen to your neighbors’ opinions, too. 
  • As a confident leader, have you considered volunteering on a local board or serving on the HOA?
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Your superpowers as a neighbor? Stability and dependability, says O’Connor.

  • Go ahead, lend your neighbor a specialty baking pan or a gardening tool. Taureans tend to value nice things. Trust your neighbors will take care of what you let them borrow and will return your items, O’Connor says.
  • Keep your lawn or shared areas clean, beautiful, and uncluttered. This should be easy for you because you have a knack for good design. 
  • Offer to keep an eye out on your neighbor’s home or receive their packages when they are gone.
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The twins are busybodies (with busy minds, too), O’Connor points out. Put this to good use, he suggests. 

  • Don’t gossip, in person or online. When talking to your neighbors, give them your full attention. 
  • Channel your social skills and host a party or informal get-together. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant party; order some pizza and tell your neighbors to stop on by.
  • We know you’ve got a million things on your mind at any given time, but, if you have shared laundry facilities, change over your loads promptly. 
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Known as nurturers, Cancers especially have potential to be great neighbors, says Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer with Keen.com. (In fact, you’re often the favorite neighbor!)

  • During times of stress, make a homemade dish for your neighbor, or invite them over to your own home for a meal or cup of coffee, Hale suggests. 
  • If you’re planning a party, you’re likely to give your neighbor a heads up about any possible noise—and also extend an invitation, she says.
  • “A Cancer typically takes great pride in his or her home,” Hale says. “Cancer can naturally inspire those around them to do the same, adding value to the neighborhood.”
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Leos are known for being fun, creative, generous, and loyal, O’Connor says

  • Offer to babysit or host a playdate. O’Connor says Leos are great with kids.
  • If you’re going out of town, consider letting your neighbor use your parking space.
  • Notice your neighbor has a flat tire or their car is in the shop? Offer them a ride.
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Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos are known for their hard work and practicality, but they are also friendly and approachable, Hale says. You won’t find junk or weeds in their yards; they abhor sloppiness or anything that’s not organized, she points out.

  • Help with some maintenance projects around the neighborhood, like weeding a boulevard or picking up a park. 
  • You’re meticulous and got an eye for detail, which is just what your neighbor might need when stringing those holiday lights. 
  • Offer a simple hello or wave to your neighbors. Your down-to-earth nature is something neighbors will appreciate, Hale says.
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Libras love peace and harmony—ideal neighborly traits, O’Connor says.

  • “You’re the zodiac connector,” O’Connor says. You’re great at welcoming new people to a neighborhood and introducing them to fellow neighbors. 
  • Organize a community get-together, like a barbecue in the park.
  • Set up a carpool.
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Hardworking and passionate, Scorpios are a great asset to any neighborhood or building. 

  • You’re independent and speak your mind, which are just the traits needed to get city council’s attention about a pothole problem or the need for more bike paths.
  • Vote in your local elections and educate yourself on local measures that could affect you and your neighbors.
  • You’re extremely loyal and the neighbor who can be counted on in an emergency. Take it as the utmost sign of trust when your neighbor offers you a key in case of an emergency.
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Sagittarius tend to be most fun neighbors. You fill a room with laughter and have fun tales of spinning the globe.

  • As a world traveler, your neighbors are kind enough to keep an eye on your home when you’re gone. Bring back some thoughtful souvenirs while you’re globetrotting. Regional treats are always a good idea as they don’t add clutter.
  • You’ve got a lot of energy! When you’re out on a walk or jog, pick up litter on the trails. 
  • Invite a new neighbor out for lunch at a treasured, off-the-radar spot you’ve discovered.
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Capricorns are ambitious and driven. These workhorses of the zodiac are known for getting things done. 

  • Capricorn, we’re counting on you to lead the charge if there are high-rises planned that will block scenic views or too many big box stores are threatening local businesses. Use your ambition to speak up at city council meetings or write letters to representatives.
  • Offer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk if they are ill or elderly. Bonus: This will incentivize you to get out of the office on time. 
  • Be mindful of your neighbors’ schedules; hold off on mowing the lawn as soon as the sun comes up if you know they work late.
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Aquarians are typically fair-minded humanitarians and will not compromise their morals or independence, says Hale. 

  • Hold the doors open for your neighbors. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.
  • Help your neighbor with some tasks, whether that’s as small as helping them carry some packages or groceries into the house or shoveling snow, Hale says. 
  • Organize a neighborhood coat or canned food drive to help your larger community.
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You’re creative (we’re rooting for you to have the best holiday decorations) and also extremely empathetic. Your neighbors may need you during a tough time.

  • Pisces are known animal lovers. We can count on you to help foster pets and help lost pets find their way home. 
  • If you have a loud hobby (e.g. you’re a musician), let your neighbors know and be mindful of their schedules.
  • If your neighbor is sick, bring over a care kit and some soup.

No matter your sign, though, remember that living by the Golden Rule will always help you shine as a superstar neighbor.

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