How to Double Your Closet Space for Under $20

published May 7, 2018
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(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

When we found out we’d be adding another girl to our family, it didn’t take long before we began to consider future bedroom layout arrangements. My older daughter’s closet, though pretty well-purged, is full on one half with clothes hanging on a rod, and on the other half with built-in shelving. How could we make room for a new little one’s clothes?

Then I remembered a genius storage solution I’d seen in a friend’s closet: a hanging closet rod. For under $20, this clever closet device effectively doubles the hanging space in a closet. (They’re even sometimes aptly called “closet doublers”).

(Image credit: Amazon)

I chose this particular one because it’s adjustable to fit different sizes and lengths of clothes on the top or bottom. I’ll be able to hang the baby’s tiny clothes on the top and move my older daughter’s clothes to the bottom—where they’ll be easier for her to get—when the baby is little. Then when my younger daughter is ready to get clothes out of the closet herself, I’ll adjust the hanging rod to have more space on top and switch their wardrobes around.

This closet solution not only doubles your hanging space, but in doing so frees up half of the vertical portion of your closet. You could hang a shoe or sweater organizer in that space, add shelves and still use the top half to hang things, or just make your clothes easier to look through. Maybe you could even free up an entire closet for another purpose.

Just think of the possibilities! What would you do with all your newfound closet space?