10 Little Things To Do Before Guests Come Over

published Nov 19, 2010
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There’s nothing worse than being at someone’s home and not being able to find an extra roll of toilet paper when it’s needed. Check out our list of things to do before company comes for 10 ideas that will help make your guests’ stay memorable for all the right reasons.

Over the years there are little things we’ve noticed while attending parties (and hosting our own) that make guests feel more comfortable while they’re in your space. There are also a few things that will help you feel more in control while you have extra folks in your home.

Check out the list below to see what we mean…

1. Place Extra Toilet Paper Where It Can Be Reached

Even if you have a small space, placing an extra roll on the counter, or on the floor next to the toilet is perfectly acceptable. No one wants to do the pants around the ankles dance around the bathroom to try to find it. (Too much information, nah, you totally know what we mean.)

2. Acquire Ice

If you have an ice machine available to you, this might entail dumping a bunch of extra ice into a separate container to allow it to make more. Or it could mean buying some ice, even if you need to use a cooler. A halfway-warm drink is never fun, especially in a hot room full of people.

3. Adjust The Temperature

If you’re planning on packing the house full and you’ve had your oven on all day, then open a window or turn down the heat. No one wants to sit in their own stew or likewise freeze because it’s too cold. Have blankets on hand if you’re place is always chilly or make sure the bar is fully stocked.

4. Dig In Your Sofa

Unless you’re one of those folks who cleans between their sofa cushions everyday (I’d tell you I am… but that would just be a lie), there’s bound to be something in there. Who knows how it got there… husband… kids… dog… it doesn’t matter, but you don’t want your guests to find that pile of crumbs or stray fork that didn’t make it back to the kitchen before you do.

5. De-Personalize Your Bathroom

It’s easy to have a bathroom overflowing with blow dryers and makeup, personal hygiene products, and other items. Although friends won’t fault you for having shampoo in your shower, if you only have one bathroom in your space, making it a little less personal (and cluttered) can be a good thing. Tuck away what you can, clean what sits out, and if your toothbrush looks like it’s been used on a Saber tooth tiger… don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

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6. Make Your Refrigerator Accessible

You might have guests that are digging for beer or trying to help you get the leftovers put away, but people don’t want to organize their own refrigerators let alone someone else’s, or have to worry about random items falling on them. Pack it in, stack it up, and make some room and accessibility.

7. Rotate Your Laundry

For anyone that has in-home appliances, it’s natural to keep laundry running while you’re taking care of other things around the home. Once company arrives however, all recognition of this task goes out the window (for obvious reasons). Make sure your wash load is rotated through so it doesn’t get musty, your dryer load has been put away and you’re ready to take on table linens after your meal.

8. Assess Your Medicine Cabinet

This isn’t to say that every party will give you a headache, but being prepared just in case without having to take a bus to the closest CVS or Walgreens is a good thing. It doesn’t hurt to have a pack of Benadryl on hand just in case anyone has an allergy at the party (to food or in general).

9. Log Out Of Your Computer

Some of you might have your computer password-protected, but you don’t want a friend picking up your iPad and posting to your Facebook wall for fun. It can get out of control fast, especially if there’s alcohol involved.

10. Be Prepared For A Sleepover

Depending on how late your party goes, be prepared to have a friend crash on your sofa or in your guest room. Knowing that you have clean linens to throw over the cushions or that your extra pillow has a pillowcase is a serious plus.

Do you have something else to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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