10 Signs That Show It’s Time to Live on Your Own

published Oct 12, 2016
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You love your apartment, but there’s one thing you would change if you could—your roommate. It could be that your roommate is actually the worst, but maybe it’s not about them—maybe, it’s you. Maybe it’s that, deep down, you know you’d rather live alone. Whether you daydream about your perfect studio or you dread spending any time around your roommates, these might be signs that it’s time to get your own place.

1. You don’t spend any more time than necessary in common areas.

The living room is half yours, but you never use it—you’d rather relax in your bedroom with the door shut, because it means not having to interact with your roommate.

2. The thought of even talking about chores stresses you out.

You have a lot of thoughts about the cleaning situation in your apartment, but you’d rather not bother to try to work it out, because confronting your roommate sounds worse than just picking things up yourself.

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3. You actively avoid bringing friends or dates home.

Your apartment feels more like a hideaway than a social hub because you feel like you can’t totally be yourself there, so when it comes to hanging out with friends or dates, you’d rather be out or go to their place.

4. You absolutely dread when it’s your turn to clean the bathroom.

It’s not that you hate cleaning—it’s that you hate cleaning up after someone else, because, you know… germs. And if you have to pick someone else’s hair out of the drain one more time, you’ll scream.

5. You’re considering getting a mini fridge for your room to protect your groceries.

Whether your roommate takes your food, throws it out, or takes up all the space in the refrigerator, you’d rather invest in a mini fridge for your room to keep your food safe and avoid an argument.

6. Waiting for the bathroom to be free actually stresses you out.

It’s your home, and you want to be able to use the bathroom whenever you need to. If you and your roommate disagree on how long is too long to hog the bathroom, it can get super frustrating really fast.

7. Noise is starting to make you irrationally angry.

It’s not that you hate noise in general—you probably love to blast music when you’re home alone—it’s that you hate that living with someone means not having control over when your apartment is noisy, and when it’s cozy and quiet.

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8. You don’t cook as often because it means being in the kitchen together.

Just the thought of being in the kitchen at the same time as your roommate makes you anxious—there’s not enough space for both of you, and you value that alone time enough to just order takeout instead.

9. You constantly find yourself looking at apartment listings, just because.

When you’re bored, you always seem to wind up browsing Craigslist and other apartment sites for listings on studios and 1-bedrooms. You know, just in case your dream apartment comes along, in your price range.

10. Nothing excites you more than when your roommate goes away for a weekend.

Everyone enjoys having the place to themselves for a few days, but when your roommate leaves, you actively celebrate. As soon as the door shuts behind them, you’re having a no pants dance party in the living room (don’t try to deny it, either.)

When did you know it was time to move out on your own?