8 Ways To Use a Bowl In Your Home

updated Jul 15, 2020
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Cambria has recently mentioned her affinity for bowls in the home and I have to wholeheartedly agree. They’re perfect for use all around your space, not just for a bowl of cereal! Here are a few suggestions on how to get more from your bowls:

Now admittedly the bowls in the photo above aren’t the greenest of nature but they still convey the point we’re looking to illustrate below. See where else you can put them to use (besides your tool chest) from the tips below!

1. Entryway: Keep a bowl by your front door to catch keys, wallets, loose change and bus passes.

2. Bedroom: Bowls are perfect on night stands to hold personal items like rings and watches.

3. Heighten A Table Display: Flip a bowl over and put a tablecloth or covering over it and you are instantly above to add height to part of a flower arrangement or centerpiece. It’s an easy way to make a big statement without purchasing assorted stands.

4. Bathroom Drawer: Even though rectangular boxes always fit better in drawers, we prefer a bowl (which could be square if you wish) to hold small makeup items or hair accessories that would otherwise get lost… we’re looking at you bobby pins.

5. Baking Drawer: Even if you have a small case to hold pastry tips, you always seem to acquire more than the box will hold. Just keep a bowl in your drawer to catch rogue tips throughout the baking season!

6. Refrigerator: For those that keep their condiment packets from take out, keeping a bowl in the fridge can be a great way to store them. As soon as your delivery order has been demolished, just toss them right in!

7. Tool Chest: In tool chests bowls can be quite useful for keeping like socket sets together, small zip ties or even push pins or frequently used nails for picture hanging.

8. Kid’s Accessories: There’s a ridiculous amount of accessories that come with toys these days. They all have guns and swords, purses and brushes. Keep a bowl in a desk drawer, dresser drawer, or even toy box depending on the style to keep track of all their little bits.

How do you use bowls in your home for out of the ordinary things? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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(Image: Anthropologie)