This 100-Square-Foot Micro Studio Features a Ton of Brilliant Small-Space Ideas

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Credit: Gracie Brett
My apartment is SMALL. The most functional piece I have in the space is my couch/bed. At night, this couch folds out to a very comfortable full-size bed. In the day, it folds up to be a perfectly sized love seat.

Name: Gracie Brett
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Type of home: Apartment
Size: 100 square feet
Time lived in: 9 months, renting

Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: This micro studio was renovated from an old brownstone, so it has a lot of classic charm like beautiful arched windows and an ornately carved mantel. I work at a climate justice organization in Boston. Doing this, I don’t earn a huge salary, and Boston is an expensive place to live — but I found this teeny gem that would allow me to live on my own in the city. I personally love living small and find the size fits my needs perfectly! [Gracie actually gives a video tour of her micro apartment on YouTube.]

Credit: Gracie Brett
I got a counter-height table for my kitchen area. It's great because it adds much-needed counter space for cooking, has storage shelves, and is a dining table. It also divides the kitchen from the living area really nicely. I also put a shelf (intended use is to put a microwave underneath) over my sink to put drying dishes.

Being a climate organizer, I’m interested in living more sustainably and refusing to accept the capitalist idea that you need more, more, more to be happy. The climate justice movement often draws from indigenous wisdom, like having a caring, regenerative relationship to the earth and her resources. I try to do the same and treat objects I use with respect and care, while reducing my waste. Living in a small space is a helpful tool to help me be mindful about what I buy and keep in my home. Minimalism has liberated me and helps me focus on what matters most: community, love, and kindness. I am also clinically diagnosed with OCD, so a smaller space allows me to keep things pretty tidy and organized without cleaning all day.

Credit: Gracie Brett
The centerpiece of the apartment is the mantel — I'm growing Pothos up this trellis that I bought and painted white. I also laced in some string lights which makes for some cozy evening lighting.

I’m a minimalist with an earthy-boho twist. I have a lot of light colored wood, rattan, and plants to soften the black-and-white color palette and simple furniture. The space is a sanctuary in the city, adorned with a yoga mat, meditation pillow, and prayer beads. I stay grounded and connected with nature via my plants, especially since the centerpiece of the apartment is a trellis with pothos climbing up it!

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: Minimalist and tranquil urban jungle

Credit: Gracie Brett
These gorgeous arched windows makes for a cute and cozy office nook. I work full-time from home, so I use this area a lot.

What is your favorite room and why? It’s all basically one room — ha! But my favorite part is my “office” nook by the windows. I work from home, and it’s the best setup because I get some sunshine from the windows, am surrounded by my plants, and have a fantastic view of the city.

Credit: Gracie Brett
Originally the floors in the bathroom were ugly brown tiles, so I re-tiled it for thirty dollars by using stick-and-peel tiles from WallPOPs — very renter and budget friendly! I also installed some floating shelves, which add tons of storage.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? The last thing I bought for my home is this ethically and USA-made meditation pillow. I of course use it to meditate each day, but it also works as a nice little foot rest or yoga prop. It’s the ultimate addition to a spiritual studio apartment.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Be intentional and mindful of everything you invite into your life — and that’s not just limited to objects. People, attitudes, and desires are all important in creating a home you love!

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