13 Super Secret Stair Storage Ideas

updated Jul 1, 2019
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Underneath the stairs lies a great abyss known as unused space in most homes. Check out this list of 13 inspirational ideas to kick-start how to use your stairs, steps, and angles to your best small space advantage!

In no particular order, here are our favorite 13 ways to efficiently use your staircase space:

  1. Stair Drawers: When you think about it, directly underneath your steps are layers of unused space. So why not add functionality to those common rectangles by transforming them into drawers? Perfect for shoes, out of season clothes, and sports equipment that needs to be out of sight, but still accessible.
  2. Mudroom shelves: Perfect for spaces that abut doors in and out of the house, these shelves and drawers can keep your indoor/outdoor clothes organized. This is also a great storage idea for closets that are next to stairwells.
  3. Vertical Stairs: Attics, crawl spaces, and lofts can be hard to reach, and awkward to make space for stairs. These vertical units pull out to become stairs, while still serving as great storage boxes.
  4. Alternating Step Shelves :These fun step shelves make the stairs add taller shelving for big books, or larger items, while still making the stairs comfortable to climb. And check out how funky they look!
  5. Stairway of Cube Variations: Great for storing a lot of different sized items, these deep cubed shelves are sturdy and sleek. The bottom row is perfect for shoes and the other cubbies for whatever comes your way.
  6. Wine Rack Cove: Smaller spaces beneath the stairs call for small items to be stored. This built-in wine-rack fits perfectly in the petite cove beneath the stairwell.
  7. Appliances, Big and Small: Sometimes the best place to put bulky appliances is in the wall. From fridges and dishwashers to washers and dryers, storing them underneath the steps can give you a great deal more space, without losing your amenities.
  8. Linen Closet: For sheets, towels, and other items that fit nicely into drawers, storing them beneath the stairs is a convenient and out of the way location. Quick to access, but not taking up noticeable space is a perfect place for these items.
  9. Serious Storage: Now for those with serious storage needs, this customizable series of drawers and shelves are perfect. Out of sight, out of mind, and everything in its place with this system.
  10. Pull Out Shelves: Keep sports equipment and other miscellaneous items organized and out of sight with these pull-out shelves beneath the steps.
  11. Free floating shelves: If you are looking for more places to display your style and knick knacks, then installing free-floating shelves underneath the stairs helps tie in that part of the room and make it feel warm and purposeful.
  12. Television Center :Although I love those picture frames that turn out to be TVs, I now also adore this idea of hiding it underneath the steps. Taking the TV out of the center of the room and putting it behind closed and non-obvious doors keeps it from being a focal point.
  13. Library Staircase: This unique piece hosts an entire library in the enclosed stairwell. With variations in the step lengths, entire volumes can be organized in these steps!

What are your favorites?

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