8 Super Stylish Ways to Deal with that Awkward Spot at the Foot of the Bed

updated Sep 3, 2020
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Credit: Samara Vise

Your bedspread is immaculate, you’ve got your bed frame all squared away, and you managed to finally find a set of nightstands you liked, but what about the foot of your bed? This area is probably one spot that’s never really crossed your mind, but it can serve as another stylish focal point and a sneaky storage area, if you play your design cards right.

Unlike a classic dresser or set of shelves, foot of the bed storage can be much more unobtrusive and come across as a deliberate style choice rather than where you hide your off-season clothing. You also have a wide variety of options that come in the form of trunks, benches, baskets, and even low-slung hampers. So if the foot of your bed is in serious need of a little TLC, these next eight ideas are perfect for making a functional, fun design statement.

1. Use an eclectic trunk

Whether it’s just for show or for actual storage, a cool chest can serve as the perfect end piece to your bed. Throwing a faux sheepskin rug over it, like this apartment dweller in Portugal did, or even a couple of pillows to make it more cozy and visually interesting.

Credit: Carla Mannix

2. A bench and a basket

Fans of minimalism will appreciate this take on the foot of the bed conundrum from a California homeowner, who decided on a bench with a simple structure and a woven basket beneath it. The setup is clean, chic, provides storage, and takes up basically no floor space.

3. Test out an extra big bench

The oversized bench at the foot of the bed in this California home is almost a mini bed in itself. It’s ideal for lounging with a book, sitting to put on shoes, or to spend an hour or two chilling next to a four-legged friend.

4. Cartoon-inspired

The perfect solution for a kids’ rooms, foot-of-the-bed storage comes in the form of unique designs, like the Mario-inspired piece in this Puerto Rican apartment. They’ll love it for the look, and you’ll love it for the storage.

Credit: Cathy Pyle

5. Dual purpose bench

Repurpose an old wooden crate into a bench, as seen in this UK home, for a touch of vintage charm or old world flavor. This piece can also double as a tiny storage unit, and with two pillows placed up top, it’s also a comfy place for you to perch.

6. A woven hamper

There’s no need to go out of your way to find a specific bench or basket to store at the end of your bed. Any cool hamper or bin that you already have lying around your home can look fabulous in this spot, as seen in this Houston home. This is the perfect place to stash extra throws for those chilly nights.

Credit: Samara Vise

7. Two-level shoe shelf

If you really want to get some use out of the foot of your bed, you can purchase a shoe rack and store items there, which is exactly what the owners of this Massachusetts house did. If you prefer to keep your shoes in the closet or mudroom, try putting extra blankets, books, or pillows here instead.

Credit: Submitted by Anna

8. Chest of drawers

For studios and other small homes, an actual dresser at the foot of your bed not only adds more storage but can also help create boundaries between rooms. A short stack of drawers in the Chicago apartment seen here is the perfect example of how an item like this can section off space.