14 Ways To Keep Warm Without Cranking Up the Heat

updated Dec 8, 2022
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When cold weather and long, dark days begin to set in, most people begin to wonder what’s the best way to keep warm without running the heat? After all, nothing’s better than feeling warm and toasty in your own home, and plus, freezing temps definitely make it harder to get out of bed. Whether you’re hoping to cut back on energy bills, or you live in a home without heat, it’s possible to keep warm without cranking up the radiator

How to stay warm at home without resorting to blasting the heat? Here are some thoughts…

1. Fool the eye.

Sometimes warmth is a matter of perception. Warm colors and textures make you feel warmer so change out your decor. Try a throw so you can snuggle under it. 

2. Cut a rug.

Cover up your bare floors with a rug in order to keep things cozier. Especially if you’re the type that walks around your place barefoot, a rug will feel warmer than bare floors that are hardwood, concrete or tiles. 

3. Bake something.

Stews, roasts, casseroles and soups are made for the cold weather because they cook at low temperatures for a long period of time and, of course, they warm you up going down. 

4. Drink something.

Wrap your hands around a warm mug of tea, cocoa or coffee. Or enjoy a glass of wine for an allover warm feeling. 

5. Let the sun in.

You can use your windows strategically to keep your place warmer. Open curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun stream in, which will heat things up. Then as the sun goes down, draw the curtains and blinds to allow them to act as insulation against the cold weather outside. 

6. Change your bedding.

Shut out the cold at night by switching to flannel sheets and a down comforter, and use extra blankets. 

7. Clean the house.

Not only will your house be cleaner but activity will get your blood pumping. 

8. Cover your head.

It sounds silly but wearing a hat (and socks) to bed at night, even if the rest of you is clad in skimpy clothing, will keep you warm. 

9. Add moisture to the air.

Humid air feels warmer, so add a humidifier to your space. No humidifier? Open the bathroom door while you’re showering. 

10. Reverse the fan.

We’ve heard that, since heat rises, running your ceiling fan in reverse will push the warm air back down to the ground. 

11. Do your laundry.

Nothing warms you up like clothing straight from the dryer. 

12. Eliminate drafts.

Block drafts with weather stripping, a rolled up towel or a draft stopper. 

13. Get a cuddle buddy.

Snuggle up with your significant other or a close friend under a blanket big enough for two. The heat of the blanket and your combined body heat will have you feeling warm in no time.  

14. Try an old-fashioned approach.

Try a hot water bottle or, before you get into bed, running a hot pan over your sheets. Bags of rice or dried beans, warmed in the microwave, are another option if you’re wondering how to stay warm without running the heat.