Bye-Bye Blooms: 10 Frugal & Fabulous Wedding Centerpieces Without Any Flowers in Sight

updated Jul 24, 2023
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Credit: Phaendin

When it comes time to choose decorations for your wedding reception, the first thing you’ll probably consider are the flowers. But many couples are trying to save money on their weddings these days, and one of the biggest ways to cut down is to slash the flower budget. That means you may want to explore some non-floral wedding table centerpiece ideas.

Assembling your centerpieces from non-living objects (or in some cases, living ones that are permanently potted) is sometimes a more affordable option than hiring a florist, but it also grants you the one luxury you can’t buy in a store: time. On that note, here are 10 beautiful non-floral centerpiece ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Credit: Etsy

1. LED Balloons

These cool balloons from Etsy are super unique; we’re guessing your guests won’t feel like your reception is just like all the others they’ve attended this year. These are a great way to illuminate your reception space while still allowing guests to talk across the table during dinner.

Credit: Etsy

2. Glass Terrariums

Fill them with just about anything, from baby’s breath to twinkling string lights. No matter which route you take, these glass terrariums from Etsy are totally of the moment, and will add a touch of trendy to your wedding tables.

3. Floating Candles

These delicate floating candles are super apropos for any style of wedding, and will add a fancy glow to your reception venue. They’re a total win-win if you want an elegant vibe without shelling out an entire paycheck on flowers for the tables.

Credit: Etsy

4. Succulents

While technically plants, cacti are a lot easier — and a lot more durable — than traditional wedding day blooms, making them a great option for your reception centerpieces. A word of warning: Choose ones that don’t have massive spikes so your guests don’t end up pricked!

5. Wooden Tray

A great way to arrange a variety of items or artfully display table numbers, a good-sized tray shouldn’t be overlooked as a great non-floral wedding table centerpiece. And bonus – you can take them home and use them over and over again once your big day has passed!

Credit: Etsy

6. Beachy Scene

If you’re hosting a nautical wedding, look no further than the ocean’s very own creations for your centerpiece. This beauty scene decks out each table with a collection of shells and coral for a whimsical, sea-inspired scene.

Credit: Etsy

7. Wooden Lantern

There’s just nothing better than the romantic glow a lantern casts, especially if your event is outdoors. Really, a beautiful illumination at the center of your table is all you need — with a few bud vases around the edge, of course. Opt for traditional rectangular lanterns like these simple, elegant ones.

Credit: Etsy

8. Mason Jars

They’ve become a wedding staple, thanks to the almost limitless DIY projects you can complete using glass Mason jars. These feature a small piece of burlap wrapped around them, finished with a wedding-ready strip of delicate lace.

Credit: Etsy

9. Wooden Slices

Throwing a rustic fete? Nothing says barn wedding like a cool slice of wood that also serves as a palette for arranging several smaller items, shown here.

Credit: Etsy

10. Bookish

This beautifully simplistic — but impactful — wedding centerpiece features a book! Bookworms will love this clever idea, which relies on vintage books and a table number made from a torn page to translate their love for reading (and each other).