15 Things to Get Rid of Before the Holidays

published Dec 13, 2017
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This time of year is one of influx and more, more, more. Layers of decorations, extra throw pillows and blankets, house guests, that second slice of pie — not to mention all the new items brought into the home as gifts. While everything is still contained in wrapping paper and ribbons, before the shiny new things enter the realm of official Household Stuff, take time to make some space by getting rid of these oldies you’ll never miss.

Makeup you haven’t used since last holiday season

It’s probably expired, and old makeup can give you skin and eye infections.

Toys your kids never use

Doesn’t not having to organize them and not having to nag your kids to play with them sound wonderful?

Holiday decorations you aren’t going to use

Because they’re not your style anymore, or because they’re falling apart.

Winter clothes that you aren’t looking forward to wearing

Because they don’t fit, are out of style, or maybe you never liked them.

Hair accessories you never wear

Scrunchies, claws, beaded clips for dressing up that you actually feel silly wearing? Out they go.

The lonely blanket

You know… the one that always gets picked over for your actual favorite.

The towels you’re hoarding “just in case”

You won’t give the bleached and fraying ones to your guests and you have enough rags; donate them to the animal shelter instead.

Picture books you dread reading aloud

They’re the ones you try to talk your kids out of picking for bedtime stories.

Giant product manuals

They’re full of info you Google or YouTube anyway.

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Partially used candles you only sorta like

If you’re going to burn a candle, the scent should make you feel good, not make you think, “Man, I really don’t love fir scented things.”

Old lotions from last year

Scents do turn, and there’s a good chance they’re off by now.

Games with missing pieces

If they’re un-playable, they’re un-keepable.

DVDs you never watch

Owning DVDs is for having accessibility to movies you love to watch over and over. If you don’t like something enough to ever pop it in, it doesn’t belong in your collection.

Books that aren’t part of the fabric of who you are

Work on curating a personal library that tells a story of who you are and edit out the rest.

Former gifts you don’t like but you’ve felt too guilty to get rid of

They have served their purpose in allowing the giver to express their care toward you. Let them move on.