18 Must-Have Cleaning and Organizing Products I Need in My New Home

published Sep 11, 2022
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I’ve lived in my fair share of small spaces — from sharing a tiny bedroom with my sister and several apartments with roommates to squeezing into an under 300-square-foot studio with my now husband and dog and, even smaller recently, a single bedroom at my in-laws’ home as we saved up for a down payment.

But, after nearly eight years of renting, two years of aggressively saving, and months of searching — we finally found and bought our first home. It’s a feat I’m still sitting with and can’t believe is possible, especially in such a competitive market

I am feeling so many things — grateful, happy, excited, and a bit stressed out. I’ve never owned my own place before, let alone had this much room ever. (I actually have bedrooms, plural, what even is that?)

When I was preparing for the big move, the long escrow period allowed me time to think about and dream up everything I possibly needed for the home, including some must-have organizing and cleaning supplies.

Here are 18 items (that’s just the tip of the iceberg!) that have bubbled up to the top of my wish list as a cleaning and organizing editor.

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was $229.99

This is an essential item for me and my husband since we both deal with allergies. We already have one for the bedroom so we knew it would be beneficial to have another in our living area. I also love how portable it is and that it kind of looks like an iPod Shuffle.

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was $14.99

While packing, I noticed that my office chair had been through a lot (four moves to be precise!). It really needed some TLC, especially with all its pills and clumps of lint. This Conair fabric shaver does just the trick, removing those pesky pileups to save your blankets, sweaters, and even your chairs.

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After learning more about washing produce from a food safety expert, I knew that buying a vegetable brush would be essential. This one from OXO features nylon brushes to flexibly clean vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. It’s also dishwasher safe.

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was $22.08

I love the look (and price!) of these classic kitchen towels. They're great for all sorts of tasks, from drying your hands and wiping up spills to grabbing something out of the oven when you’re in a pinch.

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A turntable (aka a Lazy Susan) can solve so many storage problems. I’ve seen it used in fridges, cabinets, under the sink, and even in the laundry room. I currently have two of these right now — one in the cabinet and another in the fridge.

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With all my paper clutter, I definitely need a shredder to help declutter and rip up any items, like past bills and statements. I didn’t want a full-on shredder, so when I discovered this one that you can attach to a wastebasket, I was sold. It can adjust to fit most waste baskets, with a maximum length of 15 inches, and can shred paper, credit cards, and CDs/DVDs.

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was $43.99

The Bona spray mop is a great all-in-one solution for your hard surfaces. Plus, it has rave reviews online, with more than 15,000 5-star Amazon ratings. You can easily refill the cartridge and wash the microfiber pad. You can even purchase additional ones that are made for dusting and picking up pet hair and dander.

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For the open shelving in my bathroom, I had to consider what kind of bins, baskets, and containers I wanted on display. This four-pack of clear apothecary jars can neatly hold cotton balls, wipes, hair ties, and Q-tips.

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Meli Wraps

A reusable alternative to plastic wrap, these beeswax wraps from Meli Wraps will help you cut down on your plastic usage. It’s made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, Hawaiian beeswax, and natural tree extracts and will last you 150-plus washes. What’s more, it’s available in an array of vibrant designs, like this tropical papaya print.

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was $14.70

Whenever I wash dishes, I inevitably get water all over the place. It’s on my shirt, around the sink, and on the floor. This Kohler Sink Squeegee and Countertop Brush will help push the puddles of water on your counter into your sink quickly. The brush also helps to bring the crumbs in so that you can simply discard them.

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was $21.07

I love the versatility of mason jars. You can store leftovers, herbs, sauces, and drinks in them when they are in the fridge, or you can use them as a utensil holder or catch-all for miscellaneous things on your counter. (You can even purchase attachments to make it into a coffee maker!) It’s always good to have some on hand.

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This seagrass woven wastebasket from Target was a stylish addition to our bathroom. It brings a natural, beachy feel to the space.

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Even small tools deserve a spot on this list. This brush may be tiny, but its cleaning power is oh-so mighty. It gets into the edges and crevices that are typically hard to reach, with a firm bristle brush on one side and soft detail nib on the other. It’s also firmer than an old toothbrush and made of recycled plastics.

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Papaya Reusables

There are many advantages to switching to reusable products — and thankfully there are so many out there that are bursting with color. These reusable paper towels from Papaya Reusables are so pretty and bright. They come with hooks too so you can easily store them in your kitchen or bathroom.

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was $32.99

I’ve been carting around the same hard plastic laundry basket with a missing lid and broken handle for years now and I am so ready to part with it. (Don’t worry, I think I’ll relocate it to the garage so that it can become a storage basket instead.) I’ve been eyeing this one from Amazon. It has a simple cozy feel that’ll suit my bedroom style.

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This six-piece set of fridge organizers from Amazon is such a good deal. It has five storage bins and a 14-slot egg holder. It’s also great to use in other areas. For instance, for the ones I won't use in the fridge I can put them in the pantry for canned goods and other small items I store in there.

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was $39.97

For bulky items, such as a big bag of flour or a 25-pound bag of rice, these extra large storage containers are great. It also comes with a measuring spoon set, chalkboard labels, and a chalkboard pen.

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And of course, you’re going to need a cleaning caddy or cart to move your cleaning supplies around from room to room. This Casabella Nesting Storage Caddy is on my list to buy, and soon.