20 Things You Can Do to Make Mondays Suck Less

published Jun 28, 2015
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Ahhh… Mondays. For most of us, they’re the start of the work week, bringing with them a bleak realization that the weekend is definitely over. But if you want to live a happy life, you’ve got to start looking on the bright side of things! Monday is just another day, with tons of opportunity to live, laugh, and explore.

Changing your outlook on Mondays isn’t hard, it just requires a few small tweaks to your routine. Here are 20 ideas you can use to kick off your week the right way. Read through, try a few on for size, and figure out what works to make Monday your best day*.

*I mean… maybe. Saturday has a lot going for it, still.

Don’t clean out the DVR over the weekend.

Leave a show or two un-watched so you can look forward to Monday night’s TV session.

Eat breakfast.

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Blast music in the morning to get yourself pumped up for the work week.

You can even make a Monday playlist of your favorite songs.

Give someone a gift.

It could be bagels for the office or a small “thinking of you” trinket for a friend or co-worker. The Greater Good reports that studies show giving to others can elevate your own mood.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

And while you’re at it…

Skip the cocktails and caffeine Sunday night.

Use that time to really wind down and relax, to guarantee you’re rested up for the week.

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Plan a standing date with friends on Monday nights…

…like trivia night or a potluck dinner. It’s like creating an extended weekend — and a good reason to look forward to Mondays.

Get in 30 minutes of activity Monday morning.

Take a walk, do some jumping jacks — anything to get your blood flowing.

Make Monday cheat day.

Dieting? Have a strict gym regimen? Most people make Saturday or Sunday their “cheat day” or “off day” but there’s a lot of joy to be had if you allow Monday to become the laid-back cheat day you look forward to.

Be prepared.

Leave yourself a to-do list on Friday afternoon so you can jump right in on Monday morning. Or on the other hand…

Give yourself time to socialize.

Take the first hour of the workweek to catch up with co-workers or friends- whatever makes you more productive.

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Take a walk…

…right in the middle of the day.

Wear something that sparks joy.

Dress up in your favorite clothes or accessories and feel like a million bucks all day.

Wake up early (really!).

Give yourself an extra half-hour on Monday mornings to be leisurely. Open the curtains, crack open your Instagram feed, and sip your favorite coffee or tea.

Have some chocolate.

According to Science20, the tryptophan it contains may boost mood-lifting serotonin in the brain.

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Add a Monday quirk to your routine.

Top off your morning coffee with whipped cream. Use the good plates for breakfast.

Eat your favorite thing for lunch or dinner.

It’s the perfect way to kick off a good week. Waffle Monday? Why the hell not!

Make a conscious effort to not complain.

By complaining about the Monday blues, you’re magnifying the suckiness. Mind over matter, right? Decide to participate in a one-person “No Bitching and Moaning Monday” project and stop giving yourself a pass to make Mondays unhappy.

Clean every weekend.

Nothing feels better than coming home to a tidy apartment.

Be Beyoncé.

You can’t be grumpy when you’re Beyoncé — but if you can’t be Beyoncé, you should at least try. Singing out loud (like in the shower or the car) can boost your mood. Time reports that singing in groups is especially effective, so grab a carpool friend and do your best “Single Ladies.”

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