10 Living Room Trends Set to Take the Rest of 2019 by Storm

published Feb 21, 2019
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If the kitchen is the stomach of your home, the living room is definitely its heart. It’s where you can curl up with a book on a lazy Sunday, catch up with some friends over a glass of wine, or spend the entire weekend binge-watching whatever’s on Netflix (hey, we’re not judging). Your living room is such an important part of your home, it’s important to keep it looking its best at all times.

Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of your personal style, but there are a bunch of emerging trends to help you spruce up your space. Below, 10 design experts share up-and-coming trends you may want to incorporate in your own living quarters:

1. Throwback Textiles

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“Chintz textiles are bubbling up this year on pillows, quilts, lampshades, chairs, and even upholstered walls with the rise of kitschy retro styles. Everyone is upholstering everything from lampshades, to custom quilts, to walls in large- and small-scale print.” Laurence Carr, interior designer

2. Form-Fitting Furniture

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“Hard lines are being traded in for softer curves, so look for furniture with rounded angles instead of sharp corners. Curved furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, [and] even beds are already everywhere, and we think this trend will surely last throughout 2019. This means that living rooms will be a bit moodier and designed with statement pieces.” —Alessandra Wood, interior design expert and vice president of style at Modsy

“Lots of circular and semicircular shapes, arches, and spheres. Think round coffee tables, arched mirrors and rounded back club chairs. Sort of a modern take on Art Deco or even Palladian.” —Jessica Davis, interior designers and founder of Nest Studio

3. Sayonara, Sofa

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“Chair groupings of four (or more) in lieu of a traditional sofa arrangement. In newer homes, a non-traditional seating group with four club chairs around a cozy ottoman or sleek round coffee table can be just the trick to making the space feel inviting and ‘finished.’ Especially where the ‘formal living room’ might be compressed in order to give more space to the kitchen.” Alison Pickart, interior designer

4. Femme Fatale

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“Even my husband feels okay about me adding in a touch of blush or pink to our space, and it instantly softens and warms up a room. Try EasyCare Paint’s Devine paired with modern shapes and clean lines for a chic refresh to your living room.” Camille Styles, lifestyle expert and EasyCare Paint brand ambassador

5. A Personal Touch

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“I’m seeing so many articles and house tours featuring spaces with amazing collections of items picked up by the homeowner over the years. Whether it’s geodes, blue and white pottery, vintage books, or any other items, an artful grouping of collected things makes such a personal statement.” —Donna Garlough, style director at Joss & Main

6. Pattern Play

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“Pattern on pattern on pattern. 2019 is all about layering; stripes, florals, and geometrics all play well together. It’s all about creating cohesion through color and a combination of non-competing scales.” —Danielle Walish, interior designer and furniture designer for The Inside

7. Conversation is Key

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“I see a return to living rooms being centered around conversations and furniture layouts that make transitioning from everyday living to entertaining a breeze. With so much of our media now available via streaming devices, there is no longer a need to have a television as the main focus for the room.” Arianne Bellizaire, interior designer

8. Double Duty

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“Multi-functional seating is a trend we’re seeing more and more with our clients. Think coffee tables, smaller benches, and ottomans that can be easily moved around for extra seating when needed.” —Abbe Fenimore, interior designer and founder of Studio Ten 25

9. Color Me Happy

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“Living rooms are still going to be marked by the layered, unsparing look we saw in 2018. The movement of ‘more, please’ is still strong, and you won’t see maximalism going anywhere just yet. On the same note, I see living rooms being colored in with even more fearless hues—from saturated wall colors to fearless fabric choices and unexpected pattern pairings.” —Caitlin Murray, interior designer and founder of Black Lacquer Design

10. Stay Connected

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“With smartphones running so much tech in the home, power is access. I make sure there are discrete sources of power everywhere, including hidden in the sofa or end table.” Barry Goralnick, interior designer