DIY Cleaning: 3 Household Items That Remove Tree Sap

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So you brought home a real live Christmas tree and it smells as wonderful as you hoped and looks even better with all those little lights. But the sap…oh, the sap. It gets on carpets, your hands and even on pets. What to do? Try one of these household remedies.

If you notice a few sap drips, first try freezing the sap with an ice cube. (Let the ice simply melt over it. Rubbing it will push it further into the carpet or fabric.) Once hardened it’ll be easier to pick off. If that doesn’t work, allow the fabric to dry and then try one of these methods below:

1. Mayonnaise: Although it’s best on a BLT, mayo does a really great job of removing tree sap. It works well on humans, pets, clothing and even your carpet. We do suggest following up with these tips if you do use it on your carpe, because one applied you’ll also need to remove it! It’s worth the extra step, though, because mayonnaise is sap’s Kryptonite.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol: If you keep it in the house, simply dampen a rag and blot it on. Wipe the sticky stuff off with a dry corner and you should be all set. For a more on the go version, look for small hand wipes that come in (or are intended for use in) first-aid kits.

3. Peanut Butter: Although we’re not suggesting you scrub your carpets with peanut butter if your Christmas tree drips sap onto them, it does work great for hands, hair and pets. Natural works best, others will get the job done.

What have you used in the past? Share your sap-removing thoughts below!

(Image: Aquila/Shutterstock. Post originally published 2010-12-09)

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