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3 Ways to Arrange Plants in Any Size Bedroom

published Nov 20, 2020
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Houseplants make any room a little warmer and more visually interesting, but we especially love them in the bedroom. Plants can help create a healthier sleep environment by generating oxygen and repelling bugs, and is there a better sight first thing in the morning than lush leaves sparkling in the sun? Whether you’re working with a little space or a lot, we came up with three styling ideas to make your bedroom greener — and the plants to pair with them. We ordered all the plants you see below from Greendigs, who delivers beautiful plants right to your door.

The Nightstand Accent

Maybe your bedside is the only space you can spare — and it’s already filling up with books and eye masks and more books. We guarantee you can squeeze in a wee zebra plant: These stripy succulents grow slowly, so they won’t take over. They don’t need much besides sunlight and minimal waterings, and they’ll be a happy little sight to wake up to every morning.

The Hanging Garden

Whether you’re tight on space or have to keep plants away from kids or pets, look up: There’s a world of real estate above you! Two plants that love to hang? Pothos and spider plants. Pothos creates a cascading ivy effect, while spider plants send little plantlets shooting out to create a starburst effect. They’re both adaptable to different levels of lighting, and they both love a macrame moment.

The Nursery Nook

Have a corner that needs sprucing up? Plants are the answer. (Plants are always the answer.) An artfully arranged group of plants — featuring different colors, shapes, and sizes — will bring a drab nook to life. Stagger clusters of plants at varying heights, from the floor to higher shelves, to make the most of your space. One of our favorites to start with: snake plants, which grow upward with slim, elegant leaves. They’re also easy to maintain and adaptable to almost any lighting.

Whatever bedroom style you choose, Greendigs has everything you need to elevate your space and help your plants thrive. Each Greendigs plant is hand-selected with the help of industry experts and potted in artisan-made containers. And every one arrives with plant care tips and plant food. All you have to do is unbox and let your style shine.