The First Ever 3D-Printed Concrete House Is Out of This World

published Jun 18, 2018
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For every 3D-printed project that pops up, there appears to be endless groundbreaking feats that are infinitely more ambitious than the last. Case in point: Plans for the world’s first 3D-printed concrete housing project are officially underway in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Area firm Houben Van Mierlo Architecten teamed up with the Eindhoven University of Technology to create a group of five pods – dubbed Project Milestone – that will go up for sale after construction is completed later this year. Taking advantage of 3D-printing’s ability to produce flexible structures, the units will molded into unorthodox shapes with rounded edges and multiple windows that the designers liken to “erratic blocks in the green landscape,” ArchDaily reports.

Of the five pods, the first dwelling will be a single-story, 1000-square foot structure with three bedrooms. The final four units will be comprised of multiple stories. All five homes will be built consecutively. As Project Milestone designers explain, “Ultimately, the project will complete 5 houses, with both printing technology and home design becoming increasingly complex, as one is build after the other. If the ground floor is still being printed off-site, the 2-story fifth home will be manufactured entirely on-site.”

As is the case with 3D-printing projects, the use of an on-site concrete printer cuts down on construction time, reduces environmental impact and eliminates the need for transporting materials.

Touted as sustainable, energy-efficient and comfortable, the futuristic homes will ultimately be located in Bosrijk, the first and only location in Eindhoven that’s disconnected from the natural gas grid. The new residential location is described as a haven for “sustainability and spatial and architectural quality” and a perfect spot for the “ultimate Forest Enthusiast” due to its lush, green surroundings. The first Project Milestone unit is expected to be move-in ready by 2019.