5 Chores You Can Skip When You're Busy

5 Chores You Can Skip When You're Busy

Adrienne Breaux
May 11, 2014

Give yourself a break and let go of having to do it all when things get overwhelming. As long as you don't let any temporary cleaning breaks slip into a comfortable habit, there are some chores you can ignore every once in awhile. Here are five you can skip when you're busy...

Totally okay to skip on the weeks you're really busy:

1. Mopping
Unless you've got kids who are doing their own regular mopping — like with sticky food across the floor — you can skip the mopping for a week, instead "spot" mopping with a rag for any stains or spots.

2. Scrubbing the shower
I know that taking a shower isn't technically cleaning the shower, but I mean, it's pretty close. Consider sprays that do the cleaning for you and that you can just spray and walk away, and trim the shower liner so it doesn't bunch up and grow mold and get gross so that the weeks you do skip don't set you too far behind in cleaning.

3. Taking out the trash
As long as it's not overflowing or filled with dirty diapers or raw meat, shove it down a bit, spritz it with your odor neutralizing product of choice and get on with your busy life this week.

4. Doing laundry
Ensure you have enough sheet sets and undies so you don't have to do laundry every week and adopt a more relaxed attitude when it comes to clothes you only wear for short times.

5. Organizing your junk drawer or your landing strip
Tuck it all away for one more week! You'll have to be extra vigilant next week to make sure these spots don't get out of control (and don't exactly let them become completely lawless zones) but you can tuck stray items in a drawer to hide them and forget for one more week.

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So what's on your chore skip list? What's okay to miss on your busy weeks?

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