5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You’re Busy)

updated May 4, 2019
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Pressed for time? Running late? Didn’t finish your Sunday morning “to clean” list but need to head out the door to brunch right now? Whenever you’re pressed for time — or have an extra heavy schedule a certain week — don’t let all your chores and cleaning duties slip into disarray. Keep your house functioning by being choosy with which chores you skip and which ones you tackle.

Wanna know what we think are the chores you can totally get away with occasionally skipping?5 (Typically Weekly) Chores You Can Skip When You’re Busy

Never skip these chores:

1. Making the bed

Nothing makes me feel more like the in-control grown-up I hope I am than by coming back home and opening my bedroom door to a perfectly made bed. The potential benefits of this one are too great to let it slide.

2. Doing the dishes

Dirty dishes are a horrible, exponentially growing thing. When you skip doing them and instead grabbing a clean dish to do your bidding, you’ve basically doubled the amount of work you’ve got to do when you clean them next time. Try and get in the habit of cleaning dishes as you use them so there’s never a mountain that needs climbing cleaning.

3. Picking up dirty laundry

We think it’s OK to occasionally skip over the dirty laundry in your hamper when you’re pressed for time, but don’t skip your routine of filling the hamper. Dirty towels and recently worn outfits strewn about will make a room feel dirtier than it actually is.

4. Quick countertop swipes

Whatever method you use to clean your countertop (from convenient wipes to DIY natural cleaners and microfiber rags), consider always applying a simple swipe after you’re done using an area. It’ll help keep stains from getting hard and a little shine will go a long way to making a room feel clean.

5. Vacuuming common areas

From hard surfaces to carpet and rugs, a cleaner floor instantly equates to a cleaner room. Some might balk at vacuuming being a “quick” chore, but we think a (very inexact) once-over of your most commonly used areas is something you should try and tackle often. And you can always consider a compact handheld vacuum for even faster swipes over visibly dirty small spots.

What are your skip and never skip chore rules you live by? What’s on your list of what to never skip and what’s okay to miss on your busy weeks?

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