The Best Stackable Washer and Dryers You Can Buy Right Now

updated Dec 13, 2023
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Let’s face it: Shopping for a stacked washer and dryer unit isn’t the easiest task. Like most big home appliance purchases, it’s one of those buys that requires a fair amount of research before heading out to the stores to check things out — if you’re even planning on taking the in-person trip (we’re suckers for the convenience of an online order, too).

They also aren’t exactly the “prom queen” of the laundry world and all look (for the most part) exactly the same. So unless you know what you’re looking for you’ll have difficulty distinguishing each one of these tiny towers from the next.

To make things easier, we scoured our favorite retailers for the best small, stackable washer and dryer setups out there. Below, check out our top five picks for the perfect space-saving laundry system you’re sure to love.

Do you have a favorite stacked unit that’s worked great for you in the past? Have something you love or hate about stacked units? Sound off on your advice and concerns for this slim and trim, stacked laundry duo!

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Home Depot
was $1599.00

This Frigidaire unit is a top-rate Home Depot pick, which makes it a winner in our book. The super-efficient setup offers eight wash cycles (including delicate, bedding, and casual), as well as four different drying cycles to meet all of your laundering needs. To top it off, it also comes equipped with new sound-dampening technology for silent operation no matter the time of day (or night).

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Home Depot
was $1549.00

Although it runs the same size and capacity as the unit above, this GE Electric model has a unique feature: Its auto-load sensor automatically measures the load size and adds just the right amount of water. By taking all the guesswork out of deciding whether your load is small, medium, or large, you'll use as little water as possible every time (even if you throw in more clothes partway through the cycle). With 11 wash cycles and six temperature settings, what's not to love?

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was $1599.99

With a width of just over 23 inches, this Whirlpool Electric Laundry Center is the most compact of the bunch. The see-through glass on top of the washer lets you easily check on your load as you go. As for the dryer, its four distinct cycles deliver custom-care performance for a variety of fabrics, making this a small unit that packs a mighty punch.

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was $1645.63

Another small but mighty unit, the 23-inch Equator High Efficient Washer and Dryer Combo is also a front loader, which we love. (We'd much rather bend to get our laundry out of the tank than reach into a half-opened lid that hits the bottom of the dryer above!) Equipped with 12 program settings, including Quick Wash and Winterize for colder areas, this unit uses minimal water and electricity, making it uber-efficient. We're also big fans of its quiet functionality and anti-wrinkle technology.

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Home Depot
was $2599.00

On the larger end of both the size and budget scales comes the LG Electric Dryer WashTower with Steam. This unit has all sorts of bells and whistles to make sure your clothes are well taken care of. Featuring a large capacity design, built-in intelligence to optimize cleaning power, and a perfectly positioned control panel that places both the washer and dryer controls within easy reach, this stacked system is the most advanced — and aesthetically pleasing — on our list.