5 Things You Might Not Know About Watering Plants

updated Jun 14, 2020
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Not many around these parts are new to the idea of gardening or the growing of plants. Even though we’ve all been around the block a time or two, we thought it was a good time to brush up on some quick tips and facts about keeping things watered properly. Do you know the best time to water your plants is? This answer and more after the jump!

1. Watering Plants At Night Isn’t Needed: Although the idea has been around for years, most plants don’t need extra care by watering them at night. There are a few exceptions, but 99% of your plants, indoors and out should only be watered during the day. If you’re worried about leaves burning in the noon day sun, make sure to water the roots only instead of casting a wide spray across things. Night time watering promotes disease — and no one wants to deal with that now do they? Try early morning or early evening waterings for the most absorption.

2. Water ALL The Roots, Not Just Some: Most often we think about watering plants at the base of the stem where they grow out of the ground. Most plants, however, have roots that grow up to 1 foot or more out from the main stem. Make sure to water more than just the center of things and give a little water to the outlying roots as well.

3. Water Slow: Watering plants is great, but only if the soil can absorb what you’re applying. Instead of drenching things fast, try a slower stream if you’re using a hose, or multiple waterings if using a watering can. Your plants will thank you!

4. Roots Need As Much Water As They Do Air: To help find the balance between the two, make sure to allow your plants the chance to dry out between waterings and make sure your containers or soil has good drainage.

5. New Versus Old: New plants require less water more frequently and older, more mature plants do great with heavier waterings at less frequent intervals. The right attention to the right age of plant can make a world of difference when it comes to the health of your greenery.

Do you have a tip you’ve picked up along the way? Make sure to let us know!

(Image: flickr member emilio labrador licensed for use by Creative Commons)