5 Ways To Use A Coat Rack (Other Than The Obvious)

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Yesterday we talked about 12 different ways to use a bookcase in your home. Did you miss it? Check it out for sure as they’re one of the most versatile furniture pieces you can own. Today we’re back with a few more suggestions, but this time for the entryway staple: the coat rack.

1. In The Bedroom: The harder we work to keep our closet items paired down the easier it can be to put a coat rack to use as a closet (especially if you use a small bookcase for folded items). Just hang it in the corner of your room and keep your items on it. Rotate through as they become clean or add hangers with multiple bars on them for added space.

2. In The Kitchen: It’s almost a proven fact (in our house anyway) that if an apron is in a drawer, we don’t take the time to put it on or forget it exists. Keep a coat rack in the corner for aprons, dish towels and potentially a bag of potatoes if you’ve got them!

3. As Lighting: Like the look of pendants but don’t want to anchor them into the ceiling? Use a coat rack to hang them from (even multiples!) and make your own lighting display. Change it up as you see fit and keep things fresh and well lit!

4. Holiday Card Holder: The season is almost here where our mailboxes flood with holiday cards. Sure, you can string them across your mantle, but for an easier alternative, just tie strings to each peg and clip cards on with clothes pins. It’s a snap to remove and the wind won’t knock them over. Use the same idea to hang ornaments if you are in short need for a tree this season!

5. Plastic Bag Dryer: Although you probably won’t be purchasing a coat rack strictly for the use of drying plastic bags, if you happen to have one, they make for an easy way without rigging a smaller set up on your countertop. Just rinse them out and hang them up and you’re good to go!

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