6 Easy Ways to Save $100 This Week

published Oct 3, 2016
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After you’ve tackled the big-picture savings tactics like canceling subscriptions, negotiating insurance premiums to lower rates, and reducing energy consumption, you’ll have to examine your micro-spending in order to squeeze any extra cash out of your budget. Even if you’re in good shape financially, there will come a week where you could use an extra hundred bucks—maybe before a big weekend?—to pad your budget with.

So if you’re looking for some extra cash right now, here’s a road map to help you save $100 in one week by tweaking just a few things in your normal routine. Combine a few of these easy ways to scrimp and pinch and watch the savings accumulate.

1. Make your coffee at home every morning.

Much of a coffee fix is in the ritual, but if you switch the ritual to an at-home one, you could save upwards of $2 a day for a week’s total savings of $10.

2. Bring your lunch to work every day.

Of course the amount you save will depend on how often you tend to buy your lunch. If you tend to buy something every day, bringing your lunch to work could easily save you a whopping $50 in just one week.

3. Shop your home instead of the grocery store.

If you’re going to bring your lunch to work and not eat out, you may need to get a few groceries. But doing your utmost to use items in the pantry, fridge, and freezer will save you at least $40.

4. Don’t go out to eat at all.

Assuming you don’t go out to eat much anyway, and you’re only paying for yourself, just cutting out one to two restaurant meals for a week could save you $30.

5. Make the return that’s been on your to-do list.

The new, unworn blouse that doesn’t quite spark joy? Take it back and get $25-$60 back in your account.

6. Don’t spend any money on entertainment.

Go to the library for books and DVDs, sign up for a Kindle account through your library, borrow a book or movie from a friend, or pick up a book you already have. Total savings could run from $3 to $15.

How do you manage to squeeze extra funds from your weekly spending when you need it?