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7 Plants That Look Great in Any Home — And Are Easy to Take Care Of

published Nov 20, 2020
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Houseplants add instant warmth and energy to a space, but they can be intimidating: Am I watering too much? Not enough? What the heck is indirect light, anyway? Don’t worry! There are plenty of pretty plants that deliver green vibes — and bonus style points — without requiring a degree in botany. We picked seven favorites that will look great in any room.

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Vertically reaching snake plants (far right and and in the back on the left) draw the eye upward.

There’s a reason you see these everywhere: Snake plants are low-fuss and high-impact, with bright, spear-like leaves that add architectural interest to a corner, shelf, or tabletop. They’re also forgiving and adaptable to various types of light, though they thrive in sunny, dry environments. (Same, snake plant. Same.) Pop one anywhere you want to add height.

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Pothos plants (far right) propagate easily, which makes it easier to achieve that "modern jungle" aesthetic.

If we were to create a houseplant starter pack, pothos would be its star. With beautiful cascading vines and stunning leaf patterns, it looks elaborate while being a complete cinch to take care of: It’s adaptable to different levels of light and only needs watering every few days. Perch yours atop a tall dresser or shelf so the vines can tendril down.

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Pepperomia brings a unique character to even a crowded plantscape. It's the small but proud one in the blue pot here.

The peperomia (aka baby rubber plant) has a unique compact shape and waxy, rubbery leaves that add a distinctive look to your space. Just water thoroughly every few days (are you sensing a pattern?) and mist with water occasionally. You’ll be rewarded with marbled, two-toned leaves that stand out wherever they’re planted.

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The happy little spiky guy on the right is the zebra.

We couldn’t skip this lil cutie. Spiky and stripy, the zebra plant is a succulent, which means it stores water in its leaves. Translation: It’s not thirsty. Water twice a month, tops, and keep in a sunny spot, like a windowsill, where it can soak up the rays it loves. (Pro tip: The zebra is a slow-grower, so don’t worry if nothing seems to be happening.)

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Spider plants, pictured right, will cascade down from their pots as they grow.

If you’re looking for a dramatic hanging plant, look no further. The spider plant has grassy striped leaves and distinctive plantlets — also called babies or pups — that shoot out in all directions like starbursts. (We love a signature style.) Easy-to-please, spiders prefer bright, indirect light and the occasional misting. You can also prune and pot the plantlets: You’ll have a jungle before you know it.

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Like the sturdy snake plant (second from right), ZZs (far left) reach upward to help fill your vertical space.

This is another great option to add a little height to a space, as ZZ plants grow upwards and outwards without overwhelming. They also give you two colors for the price of one: New shoots grow in a bright, neon green, then deepen to a rich emerald as they mature. Pop it in almost any light setting (except direct, which can burn its leaves) and water weekly to keep it happy.

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The Red Chinese Evergreen brings a fiery shock of color into a room. That's the one on the side table to the left, in case there was any question.

Houseplants don’t only mean green! The Red Chinese Evergreen has a gorgeous leaf pattern flush with bright reds and pinks that add a dash of drama. Place it in low, medium, or indirect light — aka pretty much anywhere — and spritz regularly (it loves humidity). Oh, and pick a pot worthy of its arresting aesthetic.

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