7 Simple Ways to Improve the Time You Spend at Home

updated Oct 4, 2023
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How do you spend your time at home? Is it spent wisely? Is it enjoyable? No matter the way it looks — whether it’s close to your dream home or far from it — everyone can agree that actively finding pleasure in your home is vital to enjoying the rest of your life. So how can you increase your enjoyment of your home? Here are seven ideas.

1. Open your home to the outdoors more
A part of feeling out of whack is not feeling connected to nature and the changing of the seasons. By making sure all your windows are in working order and throwing them open when the weather’s nice, you connect your home to its place on earth.

2. Eat and drink away from the screen
By taking your lunches and your tea or coffee to enjoy on your patio or in your dining room with loved ones means connecting and living in the present. And it might lead to not feeling like the day rushed past you by the time night arrives.

3. Take a good long look at how you spend your time outside of home
Map out your time. No, really. Look at each day and think about where you were and how much time you spent. Is there a way you could cut down or consolidate? Is there a way to do some of the activities at home? Because sometimes enjoying the time you spend at home is giving yourself more time at home, instead of just coming in late for an hour or two before sleeping every day.

Check in with your values and priorities

We’ve asked you before to make a list of your home values. This is important, and will give you direction on not only how to budget the decorating of your home, but how to spend time in it. By continuously letting your values evolve and checking back in on them regularly, you’ll enjoy more time at home because you’ll be spending that time doing things that matter to you.

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Cultivate calm in your home

The world is hectic, your home shouldn’t be. That could be anything from decluttering certain hot spots, not creating a mess that greets you at the door or making your bedroom be the most conducive room for sleeping that’s ever existed; it’s up to you.

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But cultivate creativity, too

As much as it’s important to have a thread of peace that weaves its way through your home, so should the motivation to be creative exist. The thing is, only you know what it is that makes you feel creative. That could be something you alter in your physical environment, all the way to putting on songs to get your dance break on.

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Multitask or make must-do tasks more pleasurable

Unfortunately for many of us, cleaning up around the house is just a fact of life. But are you being as efficient as possible with the right tools and supplies? Are you cleaning one thing while waiting for another thing to soak? Are you putting on a dance mix and having the time of your life (or, you know, just more fun at least)?

What small and simple ways do you make the time you spend at home more enjoyable? Share in the comments below!