The 8 Best Sources to Buy Yurt Kits

updated Aug 25, 2023
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Yurts are rounded, semi-permanent tent structures that are typically covered in cloth-like exteriors. Traditionally, they were used across Central Asia by nomadic tribes. Today, they can be found all around the world, and are particularly popular with people looking for minimalist dwellings that offer eco-conscious designs. They’re also a top choice for homeowners in search of secondary structures to expand their home’s living space. Ahead, find eight of the best places to buy yurts and yurt kits.

Cost: Starts at $10,500
Area: 16 feet in diameter (200 square feet)

Customize the yurt of your dreams with Colorado Yurts. This Centennial State-based company allows customers to choose practically every feature, including the structure’s colors, number of doors and windows, and even the wood finish. This package is great for someone looking to take their yurt off grid since it allows you to add venting for a stove pipe, ensuring you’ll be able to stay comfortably in your yurt for long stretches of time.

Cost: Starts at $5,825
Area: 12 feet in diameter (115 square feet)

Committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, Pacific Yurts, Inc uses timber from companies certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and guarantees that at least 25 percent of the electricity they use comes from renewable wind power. Each yurt comes with instructions for self installation and can be built in a few hours (for smaller models) or over the course of a weekend (for larger tents). 

Credit: Jeff Greenough
Blue Ridge Yurts interior

Cost: Starts at $7,445
Area: 16 feet in diameter (200 square feet)

Woman-owned Blue Ridge Yurts is the largest supplier of yurts east of Mississippi. Each yurt created by the Virginia-based company can be customized to be built with walls up to ten feet high, allowing the option to add on a livable loft space. You should expect your yurt setup to take approximately a day and a half to complete.

Cost: Starts at $6,195
Area: 12 feet in diameter (113 square feet)

Created with a commitment to ethically and sustainably sourced materials, all the yurts from Canadian company Yurtz By Design are constructed using ecologically harvested lumber. Additionally, all top and side covers come with a 10-year pro-rated warranty, and yurts have the option to add wood stoves, lofts, and more.

Credit: Courtesy of Smiling Woods Yurts

Cost: Starts at $26,027
Area: 20.5 feet in diameter (320 square feet)

Smiling Woods Yurts believes in the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health for both their customers and employees. The custom-built yurts produced by the Washington-state based manufacturers may take some time to go from concept to completion (it can take between two weeks to one year in some cases), but at the end of your project, you’ll have a durable structure that will bring you and your family a lifetime of joy.  The company’s Sequoia model can serve as a single-family dwelling, and comes with a wraparound porch.

Cost: Starts at $23,225
Area: 24 feet in diameter (452 square feet)

Established in 1896, Rainier Outdoor has been helping customers enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors for more than 100 years. You can expect to get your Rainier yurt up and ready to enjoy within a few days of receiving it, depending on your skill level and how much prep work you have done to the site. 

Credit: CSNafzger/

Cost: Starts at $18,975
Area: 12 feet in diameter (217 square feet)

The yurts designed by Freedom Yurt Cabins come with a small ecological footprint thanks to their built-in platforms, insulated sides, and paneling that’s been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Your Freedom Yurt Cabin can be set up in three to five days, depending on how many people you have helping with your project. They can come with house-like windows — and insulation for colder climes.

Cost: Starts at $6,650
Area: 12 feet in diameter (217 square feet)

Each of the yurts manufactured by Montana-based Shelter Design Yurts are handcrafted and can be made to order. The smallest models can be constructed with a three-person team in two to three days, while the larger versions will take longer and involve more complex machinery to complete construction.