8 Cozy Living Rooms and How You Can Get the Look

published Dec 11, 2015
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Humans don’t hibernate, but we do an approximation of it. If you live in the northern climes, chances are there are a few months where you just barely leave the house. During these months your home becomes more important than ever before: you want it to be a place that’s cozy, that’s welcoming, a place where you would feel good being trapped in a blizzard. With that in mind, I searched through my treasure trove of beautiful living rooms and selected nine of the coziest ones to share with you, along with tips for how you can get the look.

Warm lighting.
Lighting is one of the most important — and most overlooked — elements of your home. Providing multiple different sources of light (overheads, lamps, accent lights) is essential to creating a cozy atmosphere. Choose bulbs with warm colors or ones that are designed to mimic daylight for an especially inviting feel.

(Image credit: Elaine Musiwa)

Layered rugs.

What’s cozier than a fluffy rug? Multiple rugs, piled up on top of each other.

(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

Lots of blankets.

Blankets add texture, are great for snuggling under on cold days, and can be used to make a fort when the cabin fever really starts to get to you.

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Real (or fake) sheepskins, throws, ethnic fabrics with lots of texture — all of these things will help to create that plop-down-here atmosphere that you’re looking for.

(Image credit: Emma Fiala)

Window treatments.

Naked windows just look uncomfortable and cold, which will in turn make you feel uncomfortable and cold. And by insulating your windows, window treatments can help your home not just look but actually be warmer.

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Not quite as good as having a fireplace, but those little dancing flames can definitely make you feel a lot warmer.

(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

Warm woods.

I can’t talk about texture enough: it simultaneously engages and relaxes the eye, and makes a space feel more natural and inviting. Even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a space with gorgeous beamed ceilings, it’s easy to bring in warm wood elements through antique furniture or accessories.

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Books definitely provide interesting texture, which is one of the things that makes a space feel cozier and more inviting. And they’ll also provide you with a way to entertain yourself during those long winter nights — a win all around.