Room by Room: 9 Clever Ways to Organize Your Home with Pegboard

published Feb 2, 2017
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Using pegboard at home means you can have unlimited options for organizing and decorating—you can paint it in any way you choose, use different kinds of hooks and organizers, keep it practical or display tons of art, rearrange things as you see fit, and use it in just about any room. And the best part: Since it’s fairly simple and inexpensive to install and take down, it’s also a handy solution for renters.

Note: Before you start hanging it up, make sure you know what you’re doing. WikiHow has a a great—and easy-to-follow—tutorial to get you started.

(Image credit: Homestyle New Zealand)

In the Entryway: Never Lose Your Keys Again

A pegboard panel in your entryway might be just the thing you need to keep your keys—and jacket, and bag, and everything else you might otherwise throw on the couch after coming home from a long day at work—where you can find them. We love the color blocking in the example above from Homestyle New Zealand—it’s visually appealing and gives all your items a designated space.

(Image credit: DIY Network)

In the Kitchen: Use It As a Backsplash

If your kitchen is lacking in drawer and cabinet space, try installing pegboard as a backsplash. That way, you can artfully hang many of your kitchen utensils and supplies—like measuring spoons, whisks and more. You can even get small pegboard-friendly shelves to rack up spices. This tutorial from DIY Network is inexpensive and easy to follow (and to take down, if you’re a renter).

(Image credit: POPSUGAR)

In the Bathroom: Create Extra Storage Space

If you don’t have a lot of (or any!) cabinet space in your bathroom, installing pegboard on the wall can help you stay organized without taking up valuable space. We love how this example by Martha Stewart (via Popsugar) uses hooks, baskets and individual clips for toothbrushes and bath toys. And if you do have a medicine cabinet that needs some decluttering and fixing up, try installing pegboard inside your cabinet to keep small items from getting lost in the mix, like in this example from Houzz.

(Image credit: Sugar and Cloth)

In the Bedroom: Design Your Own Headboard

Want a decorative headboard that’s also super functional? You can make your own with pegboard panels—then use them to hang up art, plants and necessities like your alarm clock. This tutorial from Sugar & Cloth makes a headboard that hangs just above your bed, but if you want one that’s bigger or that wraps around your bed, you can just extend the tutorial and install more panels.

(Image credit: Craving Some Creativity)

In the Office: Organize Your Desk Supplies

You don’t need a desk full of drawers to keep your home office area neat and organized: A little pegboard can go a long way in making use of the wall space above your desk instead. Whether you need to keep pens and other office supplies and files easily on-hand, or you need a go-to space for all your crafts, you can hang baskets, shelves, bars and hooks for whatever you need. Just look to this DIY project from Craving Some Creativity.

(Image credit: Loris & Livia)

In the Living Room: Hang Shelves and Art

Since pegboard is so easy to take down, it’s a great way to add a lot of life to your living room walls even if you’re a renter. You can put up tons of shelves and art without doing as much damage to your walls, and that way all your knick-knacks and trinkets will stay beautifully organized and on display however you like. (Helpful hint: It’s also great for hanging a projector.) The above example from Loris & Livia shows how shelves, art and even lighting can all look great on a pegboard wall.

(Image credit: vtwonen)

In a Studio: Use It As a Room Divider

Studio dwellers can use pegboard to divide up their space, organize their home and decorate. This tutorial (it’s in Dutch, but you can still use the translate feature and follow along) from vtwonen can help you make your own—from there, you can hang whatever you like. Just think about it: On the bedroom side, you can hang accessories, and on the living room side, you can put up your favorite artwork.

(Image credit: HGTV)

In the Closet: Organize Small Accessories

You can totally get more out of your closet by installing pegboard on any blank wall space you might have in the closet, and use it to hang and display accessories like bags, scarves, hats and jewelry, and even extra clothes. The above example is a child’s closet from HGTV, but it’s safe to say any adult would love to have clothes storage this easy to organize.

(Image credit: Remodelaholic)

In the Laundry Room: Keep Clothes and Tools Sorted

Everything you use to keep your clothes clean and in great shape—like laundry bags, irons, ironing boards and drying racks—can take up can a whole lot of space. But pegboard can help you keep it all organized and off the floor when you’re not using it, making separating your clothes a little bit easier. As an example, we love this laundry room revamp from Remodelaholic.