A ’90s Time Capsule Bathroom Has TikTok Reliving the Carpet- and Doily-Covered Nostalgia

published Oct 27, 2022
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Credit: Artazum/Shutterstock

Good news, ‘90s kids. You don’t need a time machine or a time capsule to relive your childhood; you just need to head over to someone’s well-preserved bathroom.

TikTok user @OneHappyDay recently posted about her in-laws’ bathroom, which hasn’t been renovated much in decades, resulting in a room that doubles as a ‘90s time capsule. 

In her video, she gives viewers a tour, starting with wallpaper decorated with blue florals and some quaint-looking straw hats. Next, she shows off the carpeted floor and a countertop with doilies, seashell-shaped glass containers, a lamp hanging from a chain, and even doily pillows.

The toilet has not only a blue fabric cover on the lid, but on the tank. And above it, a rack filled with lace-trimmed wash cloths. But that’s not all. There’s also a painting with hummingbirds and a wicker shelf filled with seashells, a bear-shaped soap in a box, and —you guessed it — more doilies. 

“It’s like pooping fully comfortable,” said @OneHappyDay.

One framed art piece, which she describes as “my favorite picture, I look at this every time I use the bathroom,” shows a teddy bear in a tub with the words, “When life gets too hectic, take a bubble bath (I’ve been in here since Monday)”.

She also revealed that the shower wasn’t in its original state. It used to have lace curtains — similar to the windows nearby — but now has a sliding door for practical purposes. Still, the room has plenty of nostalgia.

“It’s meticulously cared for!!!! No dust anywhere! I’m seriously impressed!” reads one comment. 

“But where are the seashell soaps? I know they’re there. They’ve got to be,” reads another.