A Casually Cool & Comfortable Apartment, Decorated “Piece by Piece”

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I love the warmth of my living room. My love of texture and earth tones inspired the space. (Image credit: Submitted by Will )

Name: Will and Jaz the cat
Location: Westport — Kansas City, Missouri
The basics: 2 years, rented | 500 square feet

Will’s apartment has a casual cool that is endlessly inviting. Full of funky art and fantastic finds, it feels like a twist on classic Americana. We’re totally ready to stop on by for a beer on the balcony!

Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: I stumbled upon this little gem on Craigslist. I was apartment hunting for a while and when I saw the post I jumped on it. I toured the place and applied, however, there was one application in before me. The owner offered to show me the place next door which was still being renovated. I turned in my application as soon as the tour was over and as fate would have it, I moved in a few months after. I count my lucky stars every time I enter my home. This little apartment is filled with windows and has great southern sun exposure. When I moved in I only had a coffee table, my bed and a couple of chairs. My apartment was developed piece by piece. After being in the apartment for a while, I really wanted someone to come home to. I adopted my cat Jaz on a whim during a happy hour; it was a good decision I promise!

What is your favorite room and why? My favorite room would be my living room. I spend most of time here laying on the couch with the window open. On Saturday mornings I curl up with a blanket, the cat lays by my feet and I sip on some coffee listening to the birds outside. It’s my slice of heaven and I am so grateful for those little moments I spend in that room. Adjacent to my living room is my balcony. When I open those doors my living room feels about 10 times times bigger and brighter. I open the doors a lot so I consider the balcony ‘part’ of the living room.

If you could magically change something about your home, what would it be? If I could change one thing about the apartment, it would be the kitchen. I cook a lot and find it incredibly frustrating when I am prepping food on a sliver of countertop space. I do like the open shelves, but wish there was a better kitchen layout to coordinate.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? The last thing I brought home was a wooden spool and a metal cart. My neighbor across the street was moving and had a giant dumpster full of stuff. My mom and I dove right in with high hopes of finding cool stuff and we came out giddy with joy!

Which fictional character would be most at home in your place?I think that good ole’ Carrie Bradshaw would be waltzing this apartment. Like Carrie, I cling to my apartment and have had many great/terrible moments here. There are several small spills in my apartment from when I was drinking a cocktail or a beer. My first love is my apartment and it truly has become a part of who I am but unlike Carrie, my shoe collection is considerably smaller.

Will’s words of wisdom: I think when creating your home it’s important to fill it with things you truly love. Additionally, have a guide for the style you want to create. Just like tailoring your closet it’s important to look for things that can change or have different functions all within ‘your’ style. I own one formal suit that I hardly ever wear, and like my home I like to stay casual. Finally, be realistic with what you want and how you want to use your home.

Thanks, Will!

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