The ModCloth Founder’s Closet Is Exactly as Amazing as You Think (Actually, More)

published Jun 6, 2016
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(Image credit: David Dines)

You’ve seen ModCloth founders Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger’s home style in their San Francisco house tour. Susan shared personal style advice, closet organizing tips and some favorite style resources in her style profile. Now, take a deep dive into the amazing ocean of vintage finds, ModCloth buys, fabulous shoes, shiny accessories and more in Susan’s closet tour.

(Image credit: David Dines)

Susan’s advice about personal style is not only smart, but it also helps explain her beautiful, colorful and very interesting closet:

“Personal style isn’t about having a lot of money or buying lots of new stuff all the time (although that can be fun!) It’s about finding pieces that speak to you and make you feel amazing. When you have genuine comfort in what you’re wearing, that shows! It’s not about being “on trend”, or having the latest “it” item. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it easier to listen to my own inner voice instead of looking outside of myself for fashion direction—and I’ve never felt more stylish.”

(Image credit: David Dines)

Her advice—and her closet—show that sticking to what you love, listening to your gut and having fun can help shape whatever size closet you have. (It can also help when choosing items to add to your closet and choosing which items to part with.)

(Image credit: David Dines)

Closet organizing (and mess-ignoring) advice from Susan’s style profile:

“I try to organize by color. So type of item, and by color, and I keep the things I wear more often closer and more easily accessible.

I really love merchandising out my closet and my spaces. It feels more special and gives me more inspiration when I’m in there.

And my biggest advice is not to beat yourself up about it — obviously I cleaned before Apartment Therapy came over and most of the time, my closet is not that clean! Don’t feel bad just closing a door on, or pulling a curtain over, the mess.”

(Image credit: David Dines)
(Image credit: David Dines)
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Can’t get enough of Susan’s closet? There’s a video tour on the ModCloth website!

Thanks, Susan!